Newsnight works for the anti-trade union bosses

Newsnight's 'experts'?

Newsnight’s ‘experts’?

Apparently, Newsnight Scotland has a 50 minute special on Scotland’s referendum tonight. Who will be representing the Yes Campaign? As far as I can tell, Newsnight is denying us any input whatsoever. We are not to be trusted to represent ourselves. Newsnight needs to select ‘experts’ on our behalf. Am I the only one who smells a rat here?

The last time BBC Scotland broadcast a program of so-called experts it turned out to be the most disgusting one hour party political broadcast on behalf of Better Together liars: The Top Ten Battle Grounds.

These liars were allowed to poison Scotland’s referendum debate because the BBC broadcasters who participated in that program were apparently too stupid to realize what was going on.

Additionally, there was a voice-over by John Gordon Sinclair. That voice-over had obviously been written by an extremely unfunny and insulting supporter of Better Together. No one can be in the slightest doubt that the narration was unadulterated Better Together bullshit.

Since that program went out, it has been revealed – much to the astonishment of the BBC’s own best broadcasters – that the BBC is itself a member of the employers’ organization, the Confederation of British Industry. Public service broadcasting? You’ve got to be joking.

A few days ago, Ian Katz allowed a rabid piece of red baiting by some anonymous witch hunter. Never set eyes on this broadcaster before, but he smeared all socialists inside the National Union of Teacher for having the audacity of wanting to withdraw their labour. Apparently arguing that workers are not slaves is a crime in the eyes of Ian Katz.

What a pity the license fee payer has been kept in the dark for an undisclosed period of time about how all the Tory bullshit has been this bad for a good reason. Voters have been spoon-fed crap that, while paid for by the voters – the license fee payers – is subsidizing the anti-trade union employers organization. The strings of BBC broadcasters are being pulled by those who own the means of production, distribution and exchange.

And now that very same CBI has been caught distorting Scotland’s independence referendum. They have been diverting some of our license fee – via the BBC to the CBI, then into the pockets of Better Together campaign. At any rate, the CBI’s General Secretary John Cridland had registered for the right to do that. He was expecting to abuse license fee payers to the tune of over £100,000 within a few weeks. Unfortunately for him, he got caught with his pants down.

Thankfully, Scottish Television had the decency to resign immediately from the CBI. They did this – as they explained at the time – because continued membership would make their position untenable due to a statutory requirement to impartiality in reporting Scotland’s independence referendum. A long queue of other bodies formed to resign from the CBI for reasons of antagonizing potential clients, who may very well have participated in mass boycotts, with an associated set of public relations disasters. But the BBC management expected to ignore this. Interesting.

The BBC bosses have no intention of ending this corrupt relationship with the anti-Scottish and anti-trade union CBI. They intend to continue to peddle their Better Together bullshit. And they intend to tell the voters that they can be trusted to hire a set of objective ‘experts’. You guys are clueless. Utterly, utterly clueless.

Anyone who agrees with me that the BBC has to immediately resign from the CBI to restore a modicum of impartiality on Scotland’s referendum and on reporting industrial relations should follow this link. I would appeal to you to sign my petition addressed to Lord Chris Patten. Let’s force them to quit:

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