Gordon Brewer is a CBI glove puppet


CBI glove-puppet

“At least we’re doing something.” I can imagine Gordon Brewer using that as his response to the inevitable criticism of fifty minutes of unaduterated Better Together nonsense on yesterday’s Newsnight Scotland.

Yes, Gordon, you are doing something. You agreed to be the front-person for a waste of time and money. You are consciously helping Chris Patten’s Better Together organization – the BBC – flush our license fee down the toilet. You are doing that to pay homage to your masters at the anti-Scottish Confederation of British Industry.

Why was Gordon Brewer’s nonsense not challenged by any of his so-called ‘experts’? The answer to that question is obvious: they were all vetted by Director General of the CBI, John Cridland, or possibly by some anonymous tea-boy who he will claim did it without getting legal advice as to whether the CBI was allowed to do that.

There was not a single supporter of the Yes Campaign there. [Actually, I am going to edit this post because it has been pointed out to me that there was. However, they may have impressed other supporters of the Yes Campaign, but they didn’t impress me. I still am not sure which one it was. But even if there was someone who made a good case and I was too busy tweeting and screaming at my laptop to notice, why are we told there was only one of us there, someone who is clearly not particularly prominent in the campaign? Who decided who our token representative should be? Frankly, this is still not good enough. Nowhere near good enough. TD] There was not a single person on Gordon Brewer’s panel who is trusted to challenge the incessant nonsense of the CBI’s crap shoveled into our living-rooms over and over and over again by the BBC. Why the hell not?

Does Gordon Brewer seriously think he can pass himself off any longer as some kind of objective observer determined to dig away to get to the truth? He knows that’s not true. Ian Katz – the editor of Newsnight – knows it’s not true. So does Lord Chris Patten – ex-chair of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party – the head of the laughably named BBC Trust.

You people have forfeited your right to a broadcasting license. You are not covering Scotland’s independence referendum. You are distorting it. Deliberately. You are partisans, and have been publicly exposed as such. All your broadcasters who are not willing accomplices in this obscene waste of the voters’ license fee have been kept in the dark, and they ain’t too happy.

The National Union of Journalists are up in arms, and rightly so.  The Glasgow members of the NUJ voted by 99% to demand the BBC resigns from the employers organization due to the latter registering as part of the Better Together campaign, which resulted in a long-drawn out existential crisis for it in Scotland, which could prove terminal. Until the BBC does resign from the CBI, and not merely temporarily ‘suspends’ membership, you are all in the dock. You all have to stop reporting on Scotland’s independence referendum. No one will trust anything you say. The NUJ knows that. Every voter in Scotland knows it.

Any suggestion that Gordon Brewer, or any other broadcaster chosen by the BBC management or their editors, can be trusted to chair a panel of ‘experts’ selected by a member of John Cridland’s organization is laugh-out-loud funny.

Gordon Brewer needs to step down to demonstrate he knows what he did wrong. Every BBC broadcaster caught out in such bias in the future has to be taken off Scotland’s referendum’s coverage at the BBC. This is the only way to protect the Scottish people from the abuse by the Better Together glove puppets who constitute the management of BBC Scotland, and the BBC further afield.

Anyone who wants to stop John Cridland’s abuse of our license fee in general and/or protest over the specific issue of the bias over the independence referendum can sign my petition here:

The BBC should resign from the CBI immediately over Scotland’s independence referendum and due to bias more generally

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