Euan McColm: Better Together’s most unintentionally hilarious liar?

Care to share your 'thoughts' as well as your 'intelligence', Comrade McColm?

Care to share your ‘thoughts’ as well as your ‘intelligence’, Comrade McColm?

Dear Euan McColm,

I am unable to find any feedback from you on Twitter in response to my complaining about you calling me a liar live on the air. That might be my fault: I am dyslexic, after all.

On the other hand, possibly you missed my challenge, a blog post you can find here:

Just to be on the safe side, I’m directing this post to you directly, in the form of an open letter. I’d like to see if you are willing to explain to me and to all of those who heard you on Kenneth MacDonald’s wonderful Headlines show yesterday morning exactly what you  meant when you said Alex Salmond could share ‘intelligence’ if only he agrees to reduce the first four (possibly five?) general elections in an independent Scotland to a completely pointless farce. That after all is all they would be if the Scottish people tolerate Alex Salmond handing NATO the keys to pollute our beautiful country with as many weapons of mass atrocities as President Obama’s NSA wants.

No one can be in any doubt that this ‘intelligence’ we were being offered live on the air, courtesy of Better Together’s ex-News of the World ‘journalist’ (that’s you, by the way) was the ‘intelligence’ belonging to those criminal masterminds determined to kidnap, to lock up in solitary confinement, to torture, and to execute Glasgow University Rector, Edward Snowden.

That is what I think. You are of course free to tell me this ‘intelligence’ that would be shared in return for making a mockery of Scottish independence related to something entirely different. Over to you, comrade.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Delargy (aka derekrootboy)

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