Neil Clark on NATO liars and Ukraine’s Nazis


Care to penetrate beneath NATO’s liars polluting the airwaves, courtesy of our license fee? Unhappy public money is diverted by ex-Conservative Party Chairman Chris Patten into the coffers of John Cridland’s CBI, into public relations exercises for the privileged bosses of Great Britain?

Everybody now knows that there is a conflict of interest when it comes to BBC broadcasters commenting on industrial relations. Or for that matter on the British economy. Indeed, all political commentary by the BBC is suspect given that the Confederation of British Industry and the BBC are connected at the hip. Defending an anti-trade union employers organization that is little more than an appendage of the Conservative Party? Why do voters get locked up for refusing to pay for the dubious privilege subsidizing Tory bullshit?

Who fancies something a little more appetizing than the outrageous propaganda used to prop up arsonists, the kind of Nazi arsonists who set trade union offices on fire in Ukraine, who then bludgeoned burns-victims leaping from a burning building to death with baseball bats?

If celebrating these cheerleaders for Adolf Hitler in World War II is not your cup of tea, then please watch this video, and then recommend it to others, on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.

This interview is conducted by George Galloway, and I need to say something about that. I deliberately omitted mentioning George’s participation in the title of this blog for one very simple reason: to point out that George divides the left in Britain today (even more so in Scotland) is one hell of an understatement. However, intelligent people need to see beyond differences if we are ever to make any progress whatsoever. Natural scientists do it all the time. All intelligent people do this. And socialists need to learn to listen to those we disagree with about something, no matter how important that something is to us. Advocating anything else is to cut your nose of to spite your face. It is to glory in ignorance. It is precisely what our oppressors need us to do: fight amongst ourselves while the rich and powerful laugh all the way to the bank and to the killing fields.

What society needs is the truth. And it has to be passed on even when the messenger is not universally popular. The voters of Britain need to immunize ourselves from NATO’s black death. And that is what is being vomited into our air by Chris Patten’s BBC, by Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News, and by the anonymous Thatcherite suits who disgrace Channel Four News these days.

Socialists need to explain to as many voters as we can, and as soon as possible, that we need to migrate now to RT. And to some extent to Al Jazeera also. I don’t say we need to make do with a single source, or even two sources of information. As we vote with our feet, and with our ballot papers in a fortnight, and with our remote controls, the broadcasters we left behind will learn a lesson in hard economics. They will try to lure us back by copying RT, or at least part of what they’re doing. They will bend in order to stop them going broke as advertisers see the loss of viewers, and take their money elsewhere.

Voters deserve the truth. And we are simply not getting anything like the truth on any of the five television networks that are behind Britain’s rotten Tory Establishment.

One last point. George Galloway and Neil Clark failed to explain why Britain’s mass media is quite this disgusting when it comes to the war crimes of NATO’s mass murderers. I’d like to propose a theory.

Why did the NSA illegally intercept the telephone calls and emails of the heads of state like Angela Merkel and other NATO allies? And why do they do the same thing to investigative journalists? To all democratically-elected politicians? Lawyers for the victims of criminals with connections to British intelligence, etc, etc, etc? Anyone up for a game of ‘follow the money’?

The NSA and GCHQ have been spying on everyone for the same reason Rupert Murdoch allegedly used to pay his editors and other members of staff at the SUN and News of the World currently facing prosecution for doing the exact same thing. Such crimes are motivated by the desire to garner as much blackmail material as possible, maybe over something as innocuous as extramarital affairs, such as those indulged in by David Cameron’s close personal friends and associates, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks.

If NATO’s criminals prove incapable of bribing Chris Patten over – say – the role of all Margaret Thatcher’s ministers during her ‘shoot-to-kill policy’ when Special Branch worked hand-in-glove with Loyalist death squads to have Catholic civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane assassinated, then maybe there’s more than one way to skin a cat, or more than one way to persuade one of the good guys lose their soul.

Maybe the NSA and GCHQ can threaten to bring into the public domain anything broadcasters need to keep secret.

Honey traps involving the kinds of illegal drugs David Cameron’s heroes like to indulge in (remember Team Nigela?) can be used. And not merely to break up marriages, reducing young children to innocent victims of bitter custody battles. Maybe honey traps can be used the way one was used by Mossad to trap Mordecai Vanunu. Maybe horny and lonely guys can be drugged, kidnapped, placed in solitary confinement, tortured, then ‘accidentally’ killed in the shower following a gang rape, with the state expressing its deep commiserations for accidentally looking the other way.

“If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.” That’s the motto of Gavin Esler and of Newsnight editor Ian Katz. The NSA and GCHQ go to the trouble of compiling dossiers that can be used to blackmail you? Who gives a fuck? Certainly not those who edit BBC news, politics and current affairs programs these days.

And my guess is these threats of blackmail have more than once been issued successfully on poodles at the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News, ITV and C5. That or simple bribes. Lots and lots of juicy bribes, tax-free in brown paper envelopes. Yum yum yum.

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