The BBC is an organized corruption of democracy:


Did Hitler’s propaganda reflect a version of reality? Nope. Does the BBC reflect a version of reality? No.

The BBC systematically peddles lies on behalf of the employers organization, the CBI. I have already blogged a lot about this, leading to my setting up an internet petition demanding the BBC resigns from the CBI: here, for example:

I return to this issue for one simple reason: despite it being key to democracy, the BBC refuse to do anything about their abuse of power.

BBC membership of the CBI was kept buried away in the attic (like the portrait of Dorian Gray) for years. It was buried not only from every voter (every one of whom having a legitimate right to know), from all license fee payers whose money was being invested (politically if not necessarily financially) in an organization we so desperately want to bring to book… No, more than that.

Ex-Tory Party Chairman Chris Patten kept his own own investigative journalists in the dark. Revelations of this membership, in the wake of Scottish Television’s principled resignation from the CBI, came as a surprise to BBC staff as it did to the rest of us. Jaw dropping is how some BBC staff have described this news. This in turn lead to a 99% vote by the National Union of Journalists to demand the BBC resigned from the bosses organization. They recognize even if Chris Patten still clearly cannot that such resignation is needed to protect the alleged neutrality of the coverage of BBC broadcasters on all the substantial issues of the day.

Until the BBC’s ludicrously named ‘Trust’ severs all ties with the CBI, you are nothing but a joe. Our license fee is being shoveled into the coffers of an organization set up to defend those who own the means of production, distribution and exchange. By the way, am I the only one who recalls what was printed on Tony Blair’s Labour Party membership card when the BBC helped this Thatcherite bastard, this Yuppie Entryist get himself elected as Labour Party leader, to then, within months destroy the Labour Party’s historic commitment to give voters an alternative to the parties of unreconstructed capitalism? I do. And the BBC was used by the organization of the capitalists to utterly mangle the democratic process, which in turn has made general elections in the United Kingdom today nothing but shadow boxing by capitalist glove-puppets, utterly gutted of politics, reality show shouting matches that impress no one, shoveling votes into whatever none-of-the-above party is at hand, or into mass abstentions. Official politics in the United Kingdom sucks. And the BBC has played on hell of a big role in this state of affairs.

The BBC’s so-called ‘reflection’ of reality is a deception, a fabrication. It doesn’t bear one moment’s scrutiny by anyone who is not a congenital idiot or in the pocket of the richest 1%, those who work hand-in-glove to bury facts about five parasitic families having accumulated more wealth than the poorest 20%.

The BBC has a conflict of interest. No, scratch that. The BBC has a set of distinct but related conflicts of interest. It has a conflict of interest when it comes to making a single utterance about any aspect of industrial relations, including every single strike ballot, about how to interpret abstentions, for example. And it has a conflict of interest when it comes to every single internal election inside any trade union: those who inflicted Jimmy Savile and Stewart Hall on our children have to get the hell out of this democratic process when it comes to employees deciding who represents them. As a member of the CBI, the BBC associate themselves with those who want to neuter trade unions. Every member of the CBI commits itself to increasing the rate of exploitation within their own individual firm, and also to that of all their competitors: as a member of the CBI, the BBC is dead keen on ensuring that no worker can flee to a better job as the bosses are united in denying anyone the chance of getting a fair deal simply by switching to a competitor.

The BBC has a conflict of interest when it comes to reporting on the British, Scottish, European or the global economy. That in turn explains why it is impossible to find a single broadcaster at the BBC with the spine necessary to tell it like it is when it comes to George Osborne’s economic growth; that’s more than their job’s worth. Economically literate people at the BBC (and we all know they do exist) appreciate that the BBC broadcasters are being told to peddle lies about the British economy. What David Cameron’s government presides over is a series of debt-fueled bubbles that have been designed to pop in the most explosive fashion ever. Some commentators (Steve Keen, for example) expect this fantasy to last as long as five years, before we see another financial crash infinitely worse than the last one. I am not so sure it will last anything like that long. The ‘growth’ enjoyed by the British economy parallels the growth of Norm Peterson’s beer belly. Norm, for those who don’t know, was the character in my favorite American sitcom, Cheers. Norm was notorious for drinking beer without limit. Norm’s beer tab was once described by the bar owner Sam Malone as his most valuable asset, his pension plan. But in the real world, Norm Peterson would have ended up losing weight in debtors prison. And in the real world that is where George Osborne is taking us all, all across the United Kingdom. Osborne doesn’t give a damn about this because he knows he has Ed Balls to defend the exact same attitude to borrowing. It is a road to nowhere. And all socialists know it is a road to nowhere. The BBC also knows it. They just lie to stop the voters realizing that the only way out of the economic crisis that is sustainable in the long term is by radical wealth redistribution. The BBC simply expect to be able to keep voters in the dark about it. Good luck with that, you Tory bastards.

The BBC have the most obvious conflict of interest when it comes to politics. The BBC has this conflict of interest given that the CBI is effectively an arm of the Conservative Party. And that explains why the BBC broadcasters are running round like headless chickens due to the inexorable rise of UKIP. The BBC will do whatever it takes to clear Nigel Farage’s Frankenstein monster off the political map before the Tories have to fight the general election under first-past-the-post. Time is running out, and you can smell the fear all across the British media.

To cut a long story short, what the BBC offers the voters is not in the least an objective reflection of reality, however distorted due to so-called unconscious prejudices. The BBC is nothing less than a conscious attempt to skewer public opinion, to do so on behalf of the employers. This constitutes a corruption of the democratic process all across Britain. And the refusal of the BBC bosses to quit  the CBI is one more reason why the Scottish people are destined to secure freedom on the 18th of September this year.


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