Vote against Tory liars at the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News!

80% don't want Tories? 76% don't want Labour?

80% don’t want Tories? 76% don’t want Labour?

Every voter needs to watch this video. The British voters are being systematically lied to by the Newsnight, Daily Politics, Question Time, Skypapers, Channel Four News, and the rest. There is no economic recovery. It is a lie. This lie is being peddled by the rich and powerful who own the television networks. They are so determined to get another Tory government they pay ‘journalists’ to lie to the voters.

These people are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. They know Britain is living on borrowed time. They know the rich and powerful are drawing to themselves wealth as the rest of us suffer. They need to smear RT as a Putin propaganda machine because they want to bury the truth revealed by Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden can explain to the British electorate why editors at the BBC, SKY News and Channel Four News are burying the truth. Let’s face facts: The NSA and GCHQ conducted illegally surveillance against all of us in order to compile dossiers to blackmail anyone who stands up to their criminality. That includes all opinion formers, such as journalists, broadcasters, media ‘personalities’, and politicians, including at the highest level of government, and at the top of Her Majesty’s ‘Opposition’.

Investigative journalists who dare to expose the reality of George Osborne’ ponzi schemes or the crimes of Chris Patten while at the foreign officer during Thatcher’s shoot-to-kill policy can expect retaliation. Illegal surveillance, bribes to cops, destruction of evidence of crimes by undercover cops such as Bob Lambert and Mark Stone Kennedy, perjury and agent provocateur behavior will be used to have any whistle blower framed, locked up, smeared. Take your pick.

Ignore the liars who need us to boycott the only source of information that allows us to get anywhere near the truth in Britain today. Find out what is really going on. Refuse to be one of Ed Miliband’s clueless chumps. Don’t give him a vote of confidence on Thursday. Find out what is going on in Britain’s economy, and also help destroy Britain’s disgusting first-past-the-post system that tells us we can only choose a government lead by a party that four fifths intend to vote against on Thursday or a government lead by a party that over three quarters will vote against. If you can’t find a party worth voting for, spoil your ballot paper.

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