Vote against ALL Tory racists. Vote TUSC!


Brought these two messages together as part of updating my twitter account message. Did it for a few reasons. In the first place, Thursday’s elections are too important an opportunity to be wasted. These matter. What the left does matters.

Since 4/5 of voters across Britain intend to vote against David Cameron’s Tories, and fully 3/4 against Ed Miliband’s utterly hopeless Blairite front bench, it strikes me as particularly bizarre for so-called leftists to reduce their impact on these elections to trying to save the bacon of parties that have, reasonably, lost the trust of the overwhelming majority of the voters. Bizarre is a polite way of saying what I really think of this ‘thinking’.

What we are going to witness over the next few days is precisely how broken Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system is. Even Helen Lewis couldn’t fail to spot that on this week’s Sunday Politics and she gets almost everything wrong.

David Cameron needs to destroy Nigel Farage’s UKIP in time to win under first-past-the-post, a system his party defended not that long ago: poetic justice.

Ed Miliband wants to save first-past-the-post to intimidate virtually all Labour voters who are disgusted by his Blairite treachery. Ed tells his core vote that by protesting at his outrageously right-wing policies, doing so by voting for one or other of Labour’s competitors on the left, they are only helping the Tories. Whose fault is that, comrade Miliband? It’s yours.

It is the fault of the Labour Party leadership that has worked tirelessly to protect a corrupt war criminal – Tony Blair – to ‘earn’ £100,000,000 out of destroying the British economy by burdening it with unaffordable and impossible-to-use weapons of mass destruction, not to mention even more waste on illegal wars that have left hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children dead, human sacrifises on the alter of Tony Blair’s god: profit.

Ed Miliband’s front bench engages in shadow boxing that fools no one, irritates everyone. His Shadow Cabinet are devoid of any talent or hope. They are nothing more than the capitalists’ second eleven, ‘forgetting’ how his party refuses to unravel the economic system that allowed five parasitic families to own more than the poorest 20%, precisely the disgraceful situation that Iain Banks was referring to above.

Voters need to protest against all those responsible for the hopelessness festering in Britain today, a hopelessness that is deeply felt and no amount of lies by the broadcasters at the BBC, SKY News and Channel News dampens down our disgust at Labour and Tory incompetence and corruption.

How have voters chosen to protest against David Cameron and Ed Milband? Far too many have chosen to do this by seizing upon UKIP as their receptacle of the protest vote. Is that a good thing? Obviously it is not. It is not a good thing for the reason provided above by Iain Banks.

However, this protest vote that has swelled UKIP is a symptom of metamorphosis that is taking place within the body politics. This change is part of life. It is historic. It is inevitable. And any attempt to hold it back will mangle the future development of society in the most unhealthy way.

The need to protest at all the Tory broadcasters, and all of their parties, including Ed Miliband’s, is real. The negative side of this equation is a symptom of something that is sick and morbid: these very same Tory broadcasters have been acting as cheerleaders for Nigel Farage’s xenophobia for the last few years.

These Tory bastards within the broadcasting industry are the most barefaced hypocrites. To the extent that UKIP’s xenophobia is racist, then this is a racism these broadcasters share with UKIP.

Jo Coburn, Nick Robinson et al have delighted in spread this hateful poison for years. They have done this to defend the British state’s locking up Muslims for months without a single shred of evidence they were willing to share with the accused’s legal team. Andrew Neil’s so-called ‘Man on the left’, ex-Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson, wanted Muslims to be locked up for three months without any evidence. And Alan Johnson has the audacity to accuse others of racism. What a disgusting hypocrite he is.

Tory and Blairite broadcaster and politicians have been falling over themselves to defend corrupt and racist cops at the Metropolitan Police and elsewhere victimize all young black men. They’ve fomented EDL hate campaigns by accusing Pakistanis of being endemically corrupt: remember Tory chief legal officer Dominic Grieve?. These Tory and Blairite politicians and broadcasters also have deliberately accused certain Muslim communities of being particularly prone to pedophilia. These scum have injected this racism into the body politic knowing the consequences was likely to be arson against Mosques, attacks on women wearing the veil, young and old Asian men being beaten, even to death, even when they are adherents of some other faith.

These Tory and Blairite broadcasters and politicians are only turning on UKIP today because they want to help the Tories get their vote back under first-past-the-post, and they have to do this within the next forty eight hours. No. Not one vote for any of the parties of Britain’s Tory Establishment.

Protest against UKIP’s xenophobia and Thatcherism by voting TUSC if you have a TUSC candidate. If not, do the best you can, with the choice available to you. If you deem all the candidates equally hopelessly Tory and pro-establishment, then spoil your ballot paper.

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