Don’t vote UKIP, Tory or Blairite on Thursday. Vote to the left of Labour. Vote against first-past-the-post!


  • Not a conspiracy? Depends how you define conspiracy. There is no organized plot with all participants given every detail of what they are doing. Information is shared on a need to know basis. Edward Snowden and Peter Frances and others prove how dangerous it is to put everything down on paper or into cyberspace or hard disk. There is plausible deniability. But these broadcasters know what is expected from them. They don’t need to know they work for John Cridland’s CBI to know they are expected to attack all strikers and everyone who defends public ownership of the railways or anything else. Greens are kept off the telly because Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett are not toeing the line as successfully as Alan Johnson, Douglas Alexander, and the rest of Ed Miliband’s Blairite idiots. All those Tory broadcasters who have suddendly noticed Nigel Farage’s racism have been peddling the exact same xenophobia for years, using UKIP as their safe receptacle for the protest vote. Now they realize they need to club this Frankenstein monster to death or the Tories will lose the next general election fought as it is under first-past-the-post. Votes for Greens by and large will represent a left-wing revolt against Ed Miliband’s hopelessness. That is why I won’t condemn those who do cast their vote this way. Having said that, my first preference is for TUSC, where they are standing. Greens are one of several legitimate choices, including spoiling the ballot paper, where TUSC is not there. But voting for Tories and Lib Dems is worse than useless. In most cases, voting Labour is almost as bad as voting Tory. Calling for a vote for Blairites and Tories only helps UKIP. Socialists need to cut that out immediately.

Comment I left on Zoe Williams article in the Guardian about the Greens and UKIP:

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