Reject Nigel Farage’s UKIP by voting for a POSITIVE alternative. Not one vote for David Cameron’s Tories!

The more socialists defer to Jo Coburn, John Humphrys, Cathy Newman and Carolyn Quinn to undermine UKIP, the more votes are being tossed left-right-and-center to Nigel Farage. These broadcasters have come out as in the pocket of David Cameron’s government. They represent everything the voters hate.

Despite Tory broadcasters at the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News pulling out all the stops to bolster the vote of David Cameron, the latest polls suggest of those who will vote, four fifths will vote to reject the Tories, to which I offer an apologetically enthusiastic cheer.

Given these circumstances, socialists who embrace Tory broadcasters, far from creating a more effectively anti-UKIP coalition of forces, succeed in doing the exact opposite. What this non-aggression pact with Tory broadcasters does is telegraph to our potential audience within the massive, the overwhelmingly progressive, anti-Tory majority, that if they want to protest against David Cameron’s wretched apology for a government, then there is no point listening to us. Gonna no dae that, comrades?

Ed Miliband seems not to have made his party quite as unpopular as the Tories. A ‘mere’ three quarters of those who intend to vote intend to vote against his Labour Party. Nevertheless, what does this unpopularity of Labour tell us?

Between them, David Cameron’s Tories and Ed Miliband’s Labour have less than fifty percent support. Most voters want neither of these parties to form a government. Add to this number those who won’t make it to the polling stations at all and – as Helen Lewis pointed out on last week’s Sunday Politics – first-past-the-post in Britain today is revealed as the sickest of sick jokes.

Comrades, the worst Ed Miliband’s front bench do on Thursday, the worst the Tories do as well, the better for everyone to the left of Labour. One fly in the ointment will inevitably be the rise of UKIP. However, the difference between their Thatcherite politics, their xenophobia, and that of the other establishment parties,- including Labour – is one of quantity, not quality.

Socialists need to recognize that the rise of UKIP is our fault. It is our fault for abandoning our responsibility to unite to expose Labour’s left flank in the electoral arena. Thursday is our latest opportunity to step up to the plate and remind the Thatcherite editors who run the CBI Broadcasting Corporation that Labour is floundering at the polls for being far too right-wing for us, not in the slightest bit for being too left wing.

In conclusion, if you have a TUSC candidate, please vote TUSC. If you don’t have one then do the best you can in the circumstances. If you think your local Labour, Greens, independent or other candidate is worth voting for for good reasons, then do that. Otherwise, turn up to the polling booths to spoil your ballot paper.

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