Barack Obama is an enemy of democracy in Scotland and all over the world

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What do I make of Barack Obama’s attack on the Scottish people? Any broadcaster who dares to refer to the President of the United States of America as “the leader of the free world” should grow up. That is outrageous and idiotic thing to say.

The US prisons are full of innocent people. There is, notoriously, no ability to successfully plead not guilty there. The lowering of the numbers of the innocent languishing in these hellholes is often achieved by executing them. When the innocent is dead and buried, the potential embarrassment is solved: nothing will ever be done to investigate the mistakes of the US ‘justice’ system. Gang rape is institutionalized. It is sanctioned by the state as a means of controlling the inmates: intimidating the weak, especially the innocent; appeasing the strong and potentially aggressive organizers of riots that target authoritarians who terrorize the entire prison population, guilty and innocent alike, violent and non-violent alike. The police stuff the prisons with young black men in particular. In other words, it is an explicitly racist system, using the methods of apartheid as a means of control: divide and rule. 

Worse still, if that is possible, prisons are used in the so-called Land of the Free for slave labour: the USA economy is running on empty, has been for generations now. Honest economists no longer even pretend they will ever be able to repay what they owe. The rest of the world is reduced to pretending not to notice what is going on. The problem with telling it like it is is that, not if, but when the US government has to default on its debts, banks tumble off a cliff all around the world.

Obama is President of The United States of Nightmares that has the abililty to bring down many economies whose peoples have done absolutely nothing wrong, nothing except lend to the American super rich who blew it all on unsustainable life styles, and weapons of mass destruction they could never ever use, with the odd illegal war thrown in to distract the voters, test the latest killing machines, and reduce the surplus population, to say nothing of frightening other democracies whose leaders might be tempted to advance policies American dictators don’t much like.

Edward Snowden is persecuted precisely because he has exposed the extent to which the NSA has gone in compiling dossiers that can be used to blackmail potential opinion-formers: government ministers, and their shadows, investigative journalists, legislators, lawyers, judges, civil servants, broadcasters, whistle-blowers.

Putin is nowhere near as corrupt and anti-democratic as Obama’s friends. Nor even President Obama himself. Or David Cameron. But Labour’s disgusting Blairite sycophants join in with the demonization of Russian journalists at Russia Today, turning a blind eye as the NSA’s chums have them kidnapped, burns victims bludgeoned to death as they flee burning buildings set on fire by NSA’s favorite arsonists….

Laugh in the face of President Obama. Vote for Scottish independence to stop this enemy of democracy the world over. Leader of the free world? Leave it out.

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