Tristram Hunt’s Phil Burton-Cartledge has expired?

Eduard Bernstein loving idiot, Phil Burton-Cartledge

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Andy Newman’s blog has bit the dust? Anyone got a scooby what happened? I don’t know. Not for certain. Not yet. Can’t be too long before we hear though. Hear one or two theories, that is – even if some of them are uneducated guesses, desperate wishes it is something worse than death, or maybe smoke blown in the eyes of the left by elements of the British state. I have a theory or two as to what might have happened, some highly speculative (conspiracy theories?), others more plausible in the eyes of anyone who knows anything about Andy Newman’s notorious blog.

The first possibility is that Ed Miliband may have played a part in the death of this blog. Did he or his minders demand Newman deletes his blog, or face expulsion from the Labour Party? I can see a great many reasons why he’d be faced with such an ultimatum, or possibly something a little less authoritarian: dump it or be removed from elected positions by a vote of members of his constituency party and/or other bodies within the Labour Party: those who vet parliamentary candidates. So many reasons why he may have faced a such threat. Not necessary to list them all. What else?

Many of those who post on that blog sink into libel on a regular basis. I’ve been libeled more than once, and the offending material is there to this day. That is to say this libelous material about me was there the last time I looked, something I can no longer do as the entire blog has gone awol. Given that a lot of this was left there by ex-Tristram Hunt’s bag carrier, Phil Burton-Cartledge, and given what I tweeted about the pair of them a few days ago… Put two and two together, and I can see what might have happened.

I have referred on Twitter within the last few days to how my constituency MP – Douglas Alexander – is up to his eyeballs in protecting corrupt cops. I have made reference to his close associate – Ed Miliband’s Education spokesperson, Tristram Hunt.

A Tristram Hunt aid was named in correspondence between myself and a member of the Scottish Socialist Party executive. As Douglas Alexander is aware, I was going to refer to this correspondence in court to expose an eighteen months malicious prosecution of me by the then Regional Procuator Fiscal John Miller. Frances Curran worked hand-in-glove with this corrupt law officer, trying to trick me to break bail conditions in a desperate bid to trigger a pre-existing arrest warrant (a verifiably illegal arrest warrant, btw!)…  Douglas Alexander knows that this senior SSP office holder worked with Frances Curran and several others who committed perjury to stop the role of Frances Curran becoming public knowledge.

I think it is in the interests of both Douglas Alexander and Tristram Hunt- not to mention Home Secretary Theresa May and Prime Minister David Cameron – to ensure that the public disputes between myself and Phil Burton-Cartledge are tippexed out of cyberspace as soon as possible. Might this have a bearing on the sudden disappearance of Andy Newman’s blog a few days after I made reference to some of these matters on Twitter? I have no idea. I can think of other several other possibilities, such as carelessness vis-a-vis today’s secret court case. But if it has something to do with Phil Burton-Cartledge the appearance of his name in this correspondence with a senior SSP member who went on to commit perjury… David Cameron is in the frame over this due to his association with others who were involved in these acts of perjury. And Theresa May knows exactly what I mean by that. And this may well have something to do with why she is currently on maneuvers, seeing it as her duty to get rid of David Cameron before he drags down the entire Tory government.


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2 Responses to Tristram Hunt’s Phil Burton-Cartledge has expired?

  1. TomDelargy says:

    Reblogged this on WORKERS UNITED and commented:

    Whenever one of my blog articles are accessed, I reread it to try to work out why. And to check for typos, possible factual errors, and poor writing. Just reread this. I quite like it, and it relates to what I tweeted for hours yesterday vis-a-vis David Cameron and Theresa May abusing their powers to cover up for corrupt, and violent, undercover cops, and corrupt members of the Privy Council such as Douglas Alexander and Tristram Hunt, both of whom are linked to these corrupt police spies. Since so much of this relates to what I was tweeting about yesterday and why it relates to Theresa May and David Cameron’s trying to stop their own criminality being exposed by, for example, Jeremy Corbyn and Mhairi Black… Well, here it is. Make of it what you will.


  2. Hello,
    It was me who read this blog post yesterday when looking Googling for confirmation that P Burton-Cartledge voted for Yvette Cooper in the Labour leadership election.


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