Solidarity with Theresa May against Douglas Alexander, Tristram Hunt and David Blunkett


Unaccustomed as I am to coming to the aid of a senior Tory, it is not totally unprecedented. I did, for instance, call for the suspension of judgement when Nigel Evans was arrested and charged with allegations of sex crimes. When it comes to such matters, anyone can be the victim of false allegations. It is simply not good enough for leftists to jump to conclusions, no matter what you think of the politics of an individual or to anything else unrelated to the allegation in question.

I was equally dismissive of a large section of the left who wanted to find Andrew Mitchell guilty because a few cops gave their word he was guilty of calling them ‘plebs’. Again, I had no way of knowing the truth, but I didn’t think it was wise for the left to put all our eggs into the basket of jumping to the conclusion that the cops had to be telling the truth. Again, my caution proved prescient.

What about Theresa May? Why am I taking her side while no Labour MP will do that, most being extremely anxious to help David Cameron topple her? Those MPs must surely have been given privileged access to information that the Prime Minister intends to use. No? Has there been collusion between David Blunkett and Tristram Hunt to topple the Home Secretary? I am about to answer that. Or, at the very least, I am about to start the process of a very long, labyrinthine story that I am convinced has a bearing on what is going on here, as far as I can tell.

Before I get into the meat of this story let me lay my cards on the table.  I am not a stickler for technicalities when it comes to the big picture. Details can get in the way. I have quite a long history of coming to the assistance of others whose politics are a million light years distant from my own. Googling – or more pre-internet forms of research – will uncover letters I had printed in a series of newspapers where I defended Bill Clinton (whose politics I always detested) during the attempt by Republican to impeach him for lying to the American voters. Notwithstanding obvious ethical issues, his relationship with Monica Lewinsky involved only consensual sex between adults. I wasn’t interested. Not in the least. My attitude was identical when there were attempts to smear Robin Cook for an extra-marital affair. I took that attitude despite my being extremely grateful to the wronged women in the Cook affair, as she helped a close relative of mine during a very serious illness.

I have a very long history of defending right-wingers, including two senior members of Thatcher’s cabinet from homophobic abuse, and one senior Blairite who was also the victim of a vicious homophobic smear campaign by opportunists trying to topple him/her using allegations involving consensual sex between adults. I have written cryptically about this latter incident more than once, and named the target in a one hour taped interview with a senior Scottish journalist, a tape of which no doubt available to Theresa May in the vaults of British Intelligence. Why am I mentioning all this in relation to the attempt by David Cameron to topple Theresa May? I need to be careful very how I broach this subject….

The behavior of Labour MPs in the House of Commons yesterday afternoon was nothing less than obscene. It was also highly suspicious. Normally when an MP denies an allegation, other MPs either put up or shut up. But that’s not what we saw during the debate following the speeches of Theresa May and Michael Gove. And that begs one hell of a question: what exactly is it that makes these Labour MPs think they can pin on Theresa May this allegation of breaching the ministerial code and, alongside it, of lying to the House?

Let me take a wild stab at that one: Tristram Hunt and David Blunkett are working hand-in-glove with David Cameron in an attempt to trick Theresa May in order to have her sacked on a technicality. That is just a guess. But it is an educated guess. Could be wrong, of course. It would only be a conspiracy theory if I insisted on its absolute validity without any evidence, which I don’t have. Not yet at any rate. However, if David Blunkett and Tristram Hunt do claim Theresa May’s scalp, I’d like MPs to investigate any collusion between these senior Labour politicians that I am claiming have a verifiable connection to corrupt cops who had me hospitalized, on the one hand, and to the Prime Minister, on the other. And Theresa May can find more than enough evidence of what I am saying if she can access phone recordings of mine. Just ask Douglas Alexander.

[end of Part I]

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