Solidarity with Tommy Sheridan, who I know was the victim of a miscarriage of justice

Theresa May knows David Cameron sanction undercover cop perjury.

Theresa May knows David Cameron sanction undercover cop perjury.

Just heard this. My guess is that Theresa May might want too help Tommy expose the role of Andy Coulson’s boss. Not only will it stop David Cameron sacking her for trying to expose his role; she will also be able to expose a long list of ex-Labour Home Secretaries who are up to their eyeballs in the infiltration of the SSP by undercover cops, some of whom I know for a fact committed perjury. And Theresa May knows this too. And she could release documents that prove, I suspect, that David Cameron sanctioned the calculated use of perjury to deny Tommy Sheridan a fair trial. The jury were lied to. Voters were lied to. License fee payers were lied to. Tommy’s family were lied to. Tommy’s legal team were lied to. I know my constituency MP, Douglas Alexander, Labour’s general election strategist is covering up for David Blunkett and Charles Clarke. Theresa May, I am convinced, could verify that if she released tapes of my conversations with Douglas Alexander’s secretary. Tommy needs to demand that the Crown releases information about whether David Cameron and his Home Secretary knew undercover cops lied on oath to send Tommy to jail. Best wishes.

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