How does Ed Miliband help the YES Campaign safeguard democracy in Scotland?

words fail me

words fail me

Not long now before the Scottish people get to vote on what kind of world we want. While I never count my chickens before they’ve hatched, I’m so happy I’ve got repetitive strain injury of the upper cheeks. We’re on our way!

Ed Miliband’s selling his soul to Rupert Murdoch as Liverpool won’t read, and postal workers won’t deliver, that nasty little rag…

This man is clueless. His popularity will soon become the square root of minus one. Mathematicians insist that number does exist, but it’s imaginary. Unfortunately, Ed Miliband is not imaginary. Th United Kingdom’s first-past-the-post electoral insists that if we don’t like David Cameron – and we don’t – , then Ed Miliband is our only alternative. Great.

The consequences of Ed Miliband’s increasingly bizarre behavior makes the prospects of another Tory government (which I want to avoid), so much greater. However, the Daily Record’s latest poll shows that Scotland’s YES Campaign earns an  eight percent lead in the referendum if it looks like David Cameron will be reelected for another five years. Every cloud has a silver lining, and while I don’t want my English brothers and sisters to suffer the Tories, this is out of my hands. Most Scottish Labour voters agree with me. Faced with the alternative, they want out. These voters will prove decisive. How do we reinforce their movement towards Scottish independence? I have a few ideas.

Firstly, all YES Campaign supporters must listen to Jim Sillars, and read his open letter. Trolls are behaving so badly it is a legitimate question to ask if they are being paid by the British state to discredit us. While Sarah Smith invited two others onto her program last night to essentially unite around the idea that this is some kind of fringe conspiracy theory, she knows it is anything but. Sarah Smith was reminded a few weeks ago by Theresa May exactly how these undercover cops behave. And what we see is that tip of an iceberg, what is left after whistle blowers manage to get evidence to us before David Cameron has sent  in the boys in blue to smash up investigative journalists hard drive, have them locked up in solitary confinement for life. And don’t forget Catholic civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane was murdered by Special Branch. Nor that a few days ago we learnt our unelected head of state granted Royal Pardons to people whose identities and crimes we know nothing about. Any more Pat Finucanes out there, murdered in cold blood by the British State? Why did Sarah Smith not ask Jim Sillars to explain what he meant? Why have a debate on this subject only with those who thinks this is a ‘fringe’ concern? Very odd.

Or maybe it’s not so odd. Ian Smart smears those of us who want justice to be seen to be done. This Better Together liar wants a police state. That, after all, is what you have under secret courts. Alan Johnson is paid from pubic funds. That is the same ex-Home Secretary who wanted innocent Muslims locked up for three months without evidence. That is the same Alan Johnson who headed the department that paid undercover cops to commit perjury, indulge in state rape, harvest dead babies identities, entrap naive young men and women to commit crimes they wouldn’t have had Bob Lambert and co persuaded them to. No wonder Better Together’s Ian Smart is so keen on secret courts and smearing those who expose the crimes of British Intelligence and the inevitability they are fomenting all sorts of divisions in a manner that will undermine the YES Campaign.

Theresa May should definitely be asked a direct question about whether Clare Lally and/or JK Rowling were subject to personal abuse on social media by undercover cops paid by the Home Office to turn the voters against the YES Campaign. Given what she said to the Police Federation, that is not an unreasonable question.


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    Well said.



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