Stalking horse for Mr Ed? Miliband, it’s time for bed!


Mr Ed’s talking horse
Rupert’s Bare arse kissed, of course
Albatross around our necks
Page three tittalation. Sex

Liverpool won’t read the lies
SUN pisses on our grave. Truth dies
Andy Coulson didn’t know
He swears on oath. Then has to go

Miners starved back to work
Corrupt cops. Stuffed wallets. Shirk
Daniel Morgan. Rebekah Brooks
Corrupt cops. Murder. Gangsters. Crooks

Rupert Murdoch steals our votes
This racist targets weak scapegoats
Violent. Hate-filled refugees
News of the World ghouls on their knees

Now Mr Ed Miliband
Shakes that bastards by the hand
Gives the kiss of life to scum
Ed must resign. Let’s kick his bum

Ed Miliband is daft as fuck
No brain. No heart. No spine. No luck
Mr ED. Stalking horse
Anyone will do. No one’s worse

Friday 13’s come and gone
Ed looks around. He’s all alone
Nightmare on Downing Street? A hearse
Unless we quickly end Ed’s curse.

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