Let a thousand flowers of Scotland blossom as Better Together bites the dust


This is a wonderful opportunity for the left in Scotland. We can drive a wedge between Labour voters and all supporters of the United Kingdom.

The next UK general election will reduce ‘democracy’ for the Scottish people to a hope that most English voters don’t make the wrong choice when the only choice, we are told, is between the man who brought Andy Coulson into Downing Street and another man who still can’t eat a sandwich without his spin doctors pulling their hair out.

Proportional representation stops the votes of Scots being wasted the way they routinely are in England, and in Scotland too for Westminster elections. The mass media north of the borders is, despite everything, incapable of strangling alternatives to the Tories, Lib Dems or UKIP.

In an independent Scotland, the people will secure a left-of-center government. While it it won’t be nearly as left-wing as many of us want, it will be far too left those who control the BBC, SKY, Channel Four News, etc.

An independent Scotland will see the back of the secret courts so beloved of the most wretched apologists of Better Together, including Douglas Alexander.

An independent Scotland can expose the role of Special Branch undercover cops who are allowed to commit perjury to frame their victims, at the behest of a series of corrupt Home Secretaries who are enthusiastic about smearing Scotland’s YES Campaign, trying to defend the NSA politicians who would like to see Edward Snowden kidnapped, then shipped off to the USA to be held in solitary confinement, and tortured into the bargain for his ‘crime’ of exposing the criminality of NATO’s intelligence agencies, including MI5, etc..

While Ed Miliband’s new best friends in the Liberal Democrats pledged to put an end to first-past-the-post, and failed, promised to end the anachronistic, unelected House of Lords, and failed, promised to bring in the right to recall out-of-control Members of Parliament who had lost the support of their constituents, and failed, a written constitution in Scotland can get rid of all the above.

The hereditary principle has to go. A written constitution will give Scots a chance to raise the issue of the Monarchy as well as her unelected second chamber of inbred mutants and brown-nosed wannabes and has-been politicians. Let Scotland’s written constitution embed the principle of a democratic right to recall MPs that Better Together MPs keep promising, and then reneging on.

The debate about a written constitution has the potential to let a thousand flowers blossom. Our YES Campaign can encourage all Scots to get involved, to become engaged, more than mere spectators of the democratic process, but to move center stage, where we should be, where we were when democracy meant something, in Athens, for example.

By insisting that none of us in the YES Campaign pretends to have all the answers, we become a powerful attractive force that will shine a light on Better Together’s alternative. If we do that, we will find that, like the climax of so many Dracula films, Labour, Tories and Lib Dems will crumble to piles of ashes.


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