I guess someone liked my Michael Forsyth article:

Got some readers for my blog?... HURRAY!

Got some readers for my blog?… HURRAY!

A few hours before I posted my article on Michael Forsyth‘s appearance on BBC’s Daily Politics, and Jo Coburn’s indifference to what he said about Tory, Lib Dem and Labour’s devolution promises, my anti-virus software identified, and removed, a trojan horse. I had long suspected I had one of these. My next article on my blog after dealing with this piece of malware actually seemed to find some readers.

For a long time I wasn’t sure if it was worth my while blogging. No one seemed to find the time to read more than 140 characters. So I cut back, despite having many things to say that really required being tidied up into article-form.

Is it a coincidence that as soon as this trojan horse was dealt with my stats went through the roof? It might be.

In my far from humble opinion, there were a few good things in this article, and I’m glad others seem to agree. The key points I made in that article are ones I have been trying on Twitter and Facebook for quite some time, but no one seemed interested. Maybe it was Michael Forsyth going on the record in so public a forum that acted like a slap in the face to some others in the YES Campaign. If so, I would like thank him: Cheers, mate. Much appreciated.

I have been trying for a while to convince others why Scotland’s YES Campaign why it is crucial to focus on the West Lothian Question and why these devolution promises are not a guarantee of anything of substance. Possibly presenting these arguments in the form of an article was what was required to persuade other supporters of Scottish independence that I am on to something here.

Everyone who wants to win a YES vote on 18th of September has to deal with all the counterarguments. One of those is Better Together’s carrot of devolution manifesto commitments that are not worth the paper these manifestos have not been printed o. Yet. Is voting against independence not a vote for the status quo?

Jo Coburn and 99% of the broadcasters at the BBC engage in an unremitting smear campaign against supporters of Scottish independence. We are accused of paranoia and cynics for casting doubt on the promises of Better Together politicians with form when it comes to broken promises. All the evidence suggests that Scotland’s voters are being set up.

If I am right about this, then there will be consequences. If Johann Lamont, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie end up leading the Scottish people up to the top of the hill of additional devolution powers instead of independence, and then stab all six million in the back, they know what will happen. Better Together would have let a rampaging genie of extra-parliamentary resistance out of the bottle. Part of that genie would take a rather unpleasant form. Scotland risks being plunged into the nasty kind of nationalism that the YES Campaign has worked overtime to avoid, and we have been overwhelmingly successful in doing this.

So, comrades, never again let Jo Coburn, Johann Lamont, Willie Rennie, Ruth Davidson, David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson, John McTernan, John Reid et al ever again get away with avoiding the question: what will be done to address the West Lothian Question if all these new devolved powers come to Holyrood?

Let Jo Coburn explain why she wants Scottish MPs to vote on income tax for English voters when no English MP will ever again be able to vote on Scotland’s income tax. Same goes for every one of these devolved powers.

Let Jo Coburn explain what Scots can do if Willie Rennie’s pledge-breaking bastards renege on his devolution manifesto commitments as they already have on student fees, ending first-past-the-post for Westminster, abolishing the unelected House of Lords, bringing in the right to recall MPs who have lost their mandate, as constituents no longer trust their MP… The list of Lib Dem betrayals goes on. Their solution is now to tell us that none of their manifesto commitments is a red-line. The only thing Willie Rennie is interested in is getting his snout in the trough, just like Nick Clegg.

Let Jo Coburn be put under pressure to tell Scotland’s voters what we can do if there is a hung parliament. What can we do if every one of the Better Together parties all blame each other for voting against their respective proposals. This is not at all an unlikely scenario so much as an overwhelmingly likely one. By far the most likely of them all.

And the consequences of such betrayals for Scotland? Jo Coburn refuses to think that far ahead. The same goes for Alistair Darling. All they care about is offering whatever they believe it takes to see them through Scotland’s independence referendum, to mangle our democratic choice.

What David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg need is for the BBC to continue to shovel their Better Together propaganda into our living rooms, distracting Scots from the big questions. Once they have managed to hold on to North Sea Oil, and legal rights to dump weapons of mass destruction on our soil – acting as a magnet for nuclear powers who NATO is happy to provoke, then the consequences down the line of bitterness ripping apart Scotland’s social harmony is not something that need concern them. David Cameron can safely laugh all the way to a bank account stuffed with the £100,000,000 that comes from being an ex-Prime Minister, just like that corrupt war criminal, Tony Blair.


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