Earth to Ed Miliband. Earth to Ed Miliband: #DontBuyTheSUN!

I liked Andrew Neil’s This Week this week. Diane Abbott’s “You might say that; I couldn’t possibly comment” approach to ‘defending’ Ed Miliband was fine by me. No need for the direct approach, Diane. Not just yet. Not when ridicule might do the job in half the time.

Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but you’d have to sink pretty low to penetrate Ed Miliband’s skull. Ed is clearly attempting to raise cluelessness to an art form. It can’t be too long before the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs, who are unable to work out why Ed Miliband chose to identify himself with Rupert Murdoch’s SUN, will come out of the closet. They need to speak out now, and do it in a united fashion. Tell him to go. Ask him why he thinks he is helping the anti-Tory movement. Ask him if he has any idea what he is doing.

Ed Miliband refuses to resign because he has deluded himself into thinking he is doing his party a favor. He is the only one who still believes that. Every anti-Tory must do everything we can to remove all the Tories’ trump cards, and Ed Miliband, as everybody knows, is the biggest Tory trump card of them all.

Ed Miliband will prove a disaster during Prime Minister Debates. His performance will be the cherry on top of dozens of embarrassing omnishambles littered throughout his career as Labour leader.

Anyone who considers Ed Miliband a friend, including his closest relatives, should do him a favor. Tell him the truth. Our friends are not yes-men and yes-women. We want them to tell it like it is. Being cruel to be kind can be an excuse for abuse. On the other hand, it is possible to tell the truth diplomatically, helpfully, provided we are delivering bad news to someone who respects us, and whose opinions we respect. And Ed Miliband’s real friends will tell him what he clearly doesn’t want to face up to.

Not if, but when an unshiftable Ed Miliband has lead the Labour Party into its biggest electoral catastrophe, he will enter the history books as a pathetic figure, someone who was the butt of jokes for the rest of his life, someone who is hated by the labour movement for his key role in the reelection of a Tory government, possibly with an overall majority, conceivably in coalition with a rejuvenated UKIP.

Ed Miliband’s mistakes are not small. And they are not few. His having to apologize for selling The SUN inevitably lead to a further front opening up to condemn him for what he had done. He ended up annoying absolutely everyone, including Rupert Murdoch’s vile mud-slinging idiots. And no one can be found to explain why anyone with half a brain hadn’t predicted the consequences of participating in this public relations disaster.

I have a theory: Ed Miliband is not quite as intellectual as he thinks himself to be. All his education has been a complete waste of time and money. Anyone who watches Charlie Brooker’s poem about Rupert Murdoch’s SUN is infinitely better informed than Ed Miliband is.

One last point: Ed Miliband apparently thinks the only victims of The SUN that he needs to apologize to are the people of Liverpool. Untrue. Ed Miliband needs to apologize to all decent people in Britain today. And he needs to offer his immediate resignation.

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