Scotland’s YES Campaign need to stress democratic rights of all Scots


Some in the YES Campaign don’t want Scotland to be part of NATO. Alex Salmond and the rest of the SNP’s leadership can continue to make their case for membership of NATO. Nothing wrong with that. However, to the extent any supporter of NATO makes support of the YES Campaign conditional on our signing up to support for NATO, the more problems it will create for Scottish independence.

All contentious issues within the YES Campaign can and should be placed onto the back-burner until the people of Scotland secure self-determination. Only after we have won the referendum vote on the 18th of September can everyone have a vote on an equal basis on every item on the agenda: a shared currency with the remainder of the United Kingdom, NATO, Monarchy, lowering corporation tax.

The reason the YES Campaign cannot answer so many questions asked of us by Johann Lamont, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie and their BBC echo-chamber is because the Scottish people have not settled them amongst ourselves yet. Before we reach a settled view, we will need to set up our own all-embracing democracy first. The Scottish people will require, additionally, a set up institutions that are not corrupted, as the BBC is, by membership of the anti-trade union CBI (basically an appendage of the Tory Party) and of a different kind of dark web, aka British Intelligence, in hock to the Hilary Clinton’s NSA and other enemies of freedom and democracy all around the world.

And this lack of democracy in Scotland is not the only reason many questions are still unanswerable, by definition. The YES Campaign is not, yet, in a position to answer some questions because those we provide depend on negotiations with others: principally, the rest of the United Kingdom. The YES Campaign cannot determine in advance how irrational an independent Scotland’s negotiating partners will prove to be.

In a sane world, the government of the remnants of the United Kingdom would readily negotiate a shared currency. The voters and employers in England would demand their government ministers grew up and agreed such a deal, which would be an unalloyed good from their point of view, much less so from the point of view of Scots. Their big problem is that behaving like mature politicians would inevitably expose the referendum lies that fell flat during the campaign. And that would be deeply damaging for them as politicians.

Whether democratic opinion and economic reality trumps narrow self-interests of a gang of Tory and Lib Dem careerists, however…That is a very different question.

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