Open Letter to Alistair Darling about Better Together trolls:

Alister Darling's anonymous BritNat trolls threaten bloodshed

Alistair Darling’s anonymous BritNat trolls threaten bloodshed

Dear Alistair Darling,

My latest Twitter Follower calls himself/herself ‘AlbieSalba‘. He, or she, wears his/her support for your ‘Better Together’ Campaign on his/her sleeve.

As far as I am able to tell, this anonymous ‘No Thanks’ twitter account has been set up by one of your BritNat trolls. How else can we describe someone whose Twibbon declares for the No Campaign, a quarter of whose tweets are retweets of an Alistair Darling account (albeit a parody account), and who says that four fifths of those who will vote for Scottish independence are racists who want to breed the English out of existence, who goes on to threaten/predict bloodshed because the Scottish people dare to hold a referendum on national self-determination?

Are you, as of the leader of the Better Together Campaign, proud of your anonymous BritNat troll, AlibieSalba? Alternatively, would you care to do the decent thing, and apologize for your troll insulting me and all those who elected Alex Salmond’s majority government to allow the Scottish people to decide for ourselves if we do or do not want an independent Scottish state?

If you think it is ridiculous for me to hold you personally responsible for one idiotic BritNat troll, then let me reassure you: I couldn’t agree more. To hold you responsible for this idiot is itself the height of idiocy. That is why I hope you will finally grow up and withdraw your insult to Alex Salmond’s office in general, and to Campbell Gunn in particular.

As you and the rest of your Better Together Campaigners are aware, what you lot have been saying about Campbell Gunn is libelous, grotesque, and beneath contempt. By refusing to withdraw your smears, which you know to be defamatory and untrue (in other words, actionable), you are encouraging hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousand of Scots to echo your  libel.

Every last Labour, Tory, Liberal Democrat MP, MSP, MEP, councilor, and ‘journalist’ need to stop holding anyone responsible for the tweets of those who have insulted JK Rowling, Clare Lally, Bowie, Eddie Izzard and others when it has absolutely nothing to do with them?

I away your response with keen interest.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Delargy [aka @derekrootboy]

P.S. The fact that the Alistair Darling account that gets retweeted is a parody account poses a couple of problems. Maybe this Better Together account is itself a parody account. If so, then whoever is behind it is not very clever. It is inevitable that supporters of the YES Campaign would complain for being subject to such abuse. And if this turns out to be a parody account by a supporter of the YES Campaign, I would like to know who is behind it as it damages us. It strikes me as pretty obvious that MI5 etc are paying trolls to discredit Scotland’s YES Campaign. If this turns out to be a parody account allegedly set up by a YES Campaigner, I would like to know who thought this was a great idea. And I’d like to know if his motives were similar to those of the head of the Special Branch undercover cop unit, Bob Lambert, a perjurer and agent provocateur, 90% of whose team engaged in state rape of left-wing female activists.

P.P.S. I placed the twitter bio [“divje kure v tem norem svetu. pred nacisti. reci ne škotska”, which turns out to be Slovenian] of this anonymous troll into google to discover what it means: it is translated thus: “Grouse in this crazy world. from the Nazis. say no Scottish”. I’ve no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Alistair Daring's BritNat trolls imply 4/5 of independence voters support Nazi eugenics?

Alistair Daring’s BritNat trolls imply 4/5 of independence voters support Nazi eugenics?

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