Sign the petition to get a public inquiry into a pedophile network at the heart of the British Establishment

BBC Tories? They're all in it together

BBC Tories? They’re all in it together

When Tom Watson raised the issue in parliament long ago, I recall a smear campaign against him. I remember BBC broadcasters accusing one of the Labour Party’s best MPs of ‘grandstanding’, and making utterly incredible allegations. That no longer works, even at the CBI-degraded BBC.

The British Establishment cover their backs by tossing around allegations of ‘conspiracy theories’ when people identify blatant  cover-ups. Voters have had more than enough of these smears when it comes to the specific allegation of a high-profile pedophile network at the heart of Westminster.

Over a hundred files related to a pedophile network vanishes when a Home Secretary in the frame gets his paws on it? Covered up for decades?  A man who has clearly been hiding a secret about Margaret Thatcher’s role in the Westland Scandal (an incident that bore the seeds of her own downfall several years later), a man who was rewarded for his silence over one (maybe two or more scandals) with a cushy job…

This is a scandal that is not going away any time soon. It is a scandal that could expose just how rotten the British Establishment truly is. The sooner the better:

Please sign this petition:


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