Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss will resign within a week


I predict that Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss will resign within days, if not hours. If it was up to her, she would be safe. If it was up to her deluded Tory nephew, Nigel Havers, she would be safe. If it was up to the BBC, she would be safe.

The BBC is up to its neck in a cover-up of Jimmy Savile’s child sex abuse for decades. They have no incentive to lift the lid of what went on at the BBC or any other part of the Tory Establishment.

Nigel Havers may trust the man who tucked him into bed every night as he was helping frame the Guildford Four at the behest of the members of the British Establishment, that parts of it known as Special Branch and MI5. While Nigel Havers’s daddy was having Irish Catholics locked up for the crime of being Irish Catholics, Special Branch and MI5 were working hand-in-glove with Loyalist death squads, the same ones who went on to murder Catholic civil rights lawyers like Pat Finucane.

Almost certainly some of those who received Royal Pardons a month or two ago from Her Majesty (the mother of Prince Andrew, another man Baroness Butler-Sloss might want to take a look at), were British Intelligence hit-men, those who lived up to James Bond’s ‘license to kill’ chat-up line.

At the time these crimes took place, the recently-departed Head of the BBC’s ludicrously named ‘Trust’, Chris Patten, worked with the likes of MI6 at the Foreign Office, and then with all parts of the British State’s extrajudicial killing machine while Tory Party Chairman, as the leader of his party, Margaret Thatcher, sanctioned this criminal shoot-to-kill policy.

These Special Branch assassins, these ‘state rapists’, these perjurers, harvesters of dead children’s identities, and agent provocateurs also went in for blackmail.These Special Branch gangsters are not above, and never have been above helping pedophile networks to groom criminal gangs inside, for instance, the Loyalist community. Does the name Kincora not mean anything to the British Establishment? Will Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss investigate the role of Special Branch and of MI5? To say nothing of the Royal Family’s links to this network of pedophiles at the heart of the British Establishment? Somehow I suspect she won’t.

As the very close relationship between Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and her brother in the specific allegation of the vanishing 114 files provided by Geoffrey Dickens becomes public knowledge, sweeping down from the lofty heights of the so-called Westminster bubble, my guess is that most voters will join me in smelling a rat. There will be outrage. We will find 100% of the alleged victims of child sex abuse demanding she is sacked. I can see them further demanding an investigation into how on earth the Home Office thought her relationship with Sir Michael Havers could possibly have been deemed a matter of no relevance. Justice must not only be done, but be seen to be done. With the Baroness atop this ‘inquiry’, there is only one word that encapsulates public opinion: cover-up.

If you agree that Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is unfit to head any credible inquiry into a comprehensive cover-up of a pedophile network at the heart of the British Establishment, then please sign this petition:

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