Is Ed Miliband working hand-in-glove with David Cameron to protect British Establishment pedophiles?


What on earth is the British Establishment up to these days? I found this shared by one of the few Labour MPs I still have a lot of time for, Tom Watson, someone who is always worth listening to, even if you sometimes disagree with him:

  • Last Thursay there was a curious announcement in the Chamber of the House of Commons. At the session to announce future business, Leader of the House, Andrew Lansley said this:
  • “Monday 14th July — consideration of a Bill, followed by a motion to approve the first report from the Committee on Standards on the respect policy”
  • If you look on Parliament’s web site tonight, you will not see the name, nor the text of the Bill to be considered.
  • None of your elected backbench MPs have been told what Bill is to be debated on Monday. It’s Wednesday evening. Tomorrow, MPs are on a ‘one line whip’ ie they can return to their constituencies this evening.
  • Imagine how outrageous it would be, if tomorrow, the government were to announce emergency legislation to an empty chamber. Imagine if that emergency legislation was to be introduced on Monday or Tuesday, with the intention of it slipping through the Commons and the Lords in a single day. Imagine if that Bill was the deeply controversial Data Retention Bill.
  • It’s a Bill that will override the views of judges who have seen how the mass collection of your data breaches the human rights of you and your family.
  • Regardless of where you stand on the decision of the European Court of Justice, can you honestly say that you want a key decision about how your personal data is stored to be made by a stitch up behind closed doors and clouded in secrecy?
  • None of your MPs have even read this legislation, let alone been able to scrutinise it.
  • The very fact that the Government is even considering this form of action, strongly suggests that they have an expectation that the few people on the Liberal Democrat and Labour front benchers who have seen this legislation, are willing to be complicit.
  • No matter what you think about this issue, if you care about democracy, make sure your MP does not walk through the chamber and vote for legislation nobody has had the chance to debate and question.

Tom Watson goes on to ask Labour’s front bench to oppose all this. We are clearly dealing here with something very odd indeed. It is so obvious that Labour would have to oppose what the Tories are doing as a matter of basic democratic principle. It is obvious that it would, additionally, be a massive vote-loser to shrug shoulders and let this legislation, whatever it is, to go through on the nod, rubber-stamped by a zombie sheep or two. It is impossible to believe Ed Miliband’s front bench team display such atrocious judgement in not making an issue out of this due to ‘mere’ incompetence. I smell a rat.

Is it possible that both front benches are all in it together, vis-a-vis, for example, to pull one issue out of the air at random, the British Establishment’s need to close ranks over a certain decades-long cover-up of pedophiles, involving chiefs whips from all three parties of government (Labour, Tories and Liberal Democrats), and Home Secretaries of the two main parties of governments, turning a blind eye to Special Branch and MI5 using organized pedophiles, to entrap and then to blackmail anyone who would dare to challenge black ops by the British state, including the extra-judicial murder of Catholic civil rights lawyers like Pat Finucane, or massive conspiracies to pervert the course of justice, such as the false imprisonment of the Guildford Four, the prosecution of which was lead by Sir Michael Havers, that notorious brother of Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, the one who helped bury evidence of pedophiles and may have been instrumental in the suppression of the revelations contained in those missing 114 pedophile documents? That’s just me thinking outside the box again. Sorry about that.

If anyone cares to protest against David Cameron’s latest prop in the cover-up of a pedophile network at the heart of the British Establishment, then please sign this online petition:

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