Theresa May betrays victim of child sex abuse by helping Special Branch MI5 criminals:

Theresa May’s Parliament prepares to protect pedophiles?

Unaccustomed as I am to giving a Tory an even break, it’s not totally unprecedented. I have posted more than one blog entry expressing a great deal of admiration, even thanks, to Theresa May.  That is about to change with this post.

In response to a direct question from Tom Watson, scourge of this organized pedophile network, Home Secretary Theresa May specifically said that neither Special Branch nor MI5 could use the so-called ‘national interest’ to protect themselves. Now we know the truth. Theresa May clearly promised more than she could deliver.

Why is Theresa May, David Cameron, Andrew Lansley et a pushing through emergency legislation to give extraordinary powers to Special Branch and MI5 to conduct surveillance on the people? Is it not obvious? This is to hamper the expose of their role in this decades long cover-up of an organized pedophile network.

Why is Ed Miliband helping David Cameron protect these criminals at the heart of British Intelligence whose role in this pedophile network was exposed by investigative journalist Paul Foot four decades ago?

  1. Jack Straw
  2. David Blunkett
  3. John Reid
  4. Charles Clarke
  5. Alan Johnson
  6. Jacqui Smith

Those Labour Home Secretaries sanctioned all the crimes of Special Branch and MI5, and they are not about to join any investigation into the crimes that would implicate their own turning a blind eye to this rampant criminality.

Labour’s Chief Whips have as much to hide as Tory Chief Whips. Same goes for Nick Clegg, and previous Lib Dem leaders like David Steel and Paddy Ashdown.

Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are all in it together. All up to their eyeballs in this organized pedophile network. And all of them are granting emergency powers to the Special Branch and MI5 to conduct surveillance on any whistler blower, and every investigative journalist, on every lawyer for the victims for the crimes sanctioned by Home Secretaries and Chief Whips of all three of the Establishment Parties the last four decades.



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