Time is running out. How does Scotland win freedom?

Scotland's secret weapons

Scotland’s secret weapons

Time’s aticking. It’s running out. No point the YES Campaign pretending everything is going according to plan. I am not, by the way, advocating a Corporal Jones, “DON’T PANIC!” But let’s ask what can be done to restore the momentum in favor of Scottish independence? I have a few suggestions that I’d ask others to think about.

Firstly, the gender gap is significant. And it is genuinely worrying. This has to be addressed. Offering policies that appeal specifically to women is unlikely to do the job given that neither Alex Salmond nor any SNP figure will be in the position to guarantee anything. This, by the way, is one of the strengths, not weaknesses, of our campaign. Many of the leaders of the YES Campaign don’t understand this. And this has been causing all supporters of the YES Campaign problems.

The broadcasters are not our friends. The SNP MPs and MSPs who want to duck the media bias against Scottish independence are making the rest of us fight with one hand tied behind our backs. And I can tell you we are not pleased about this.

Sarah Smith says everyone who complains about her ludicrous Better Together bias is a ‘cybernat’. If Stuart Hossie or Angus Robertson or any other elected politician wants non-SNP members to tug our forelocks to BBC Scotland’s echo-chamber for the CBI, take it from me: it is not going to happen.

SNP MPs may have gone native when the Speaker of the House of Commons threatens them with eviction from the chamber if they dare to call another lying MP a liar. But the people of Scotland don’t play by those rules. Sarah Smith, Brian Taylor, Glenn Campbell, John Beattie and the overwhelming majority of broadcasters, north and south of the border, are working as hard as they can to destroy Scotland’s YES Campaign. I for one see no point pretending otherwise.

The Scottish referendum is not being fought on a level playing field, and this is the reverse side of Margo Macdonald’s plea. If her warning is not heeded, there will be no restoration of civil society when the polls close. It takes two to tango, and the BBC in particular is dragging Scotland’s society through the mud. They know they are creating the conditions for a nasty backlash if the referendum is lost due to their black propaganda. It is not in the interests of the YES Campaign to bury our heads in the sand. We need to expose what is being down with our license fee, and take measures to stop this before it is too late.

The CBI tell Scots who the experts are. Well, their idea of experts are those who plunged the global economy into meltdown, who gave the nations of advanced capitalism oceans of debt, whose ‘economic miracle’ is a chimera, a ticking time bomb that will explode in all our faces within a few year, the next crisis making the last one look like a picnic. Anyone who watches the Keiser Report knows that to be the reality. John Beattie’s Crossfire hired Andrew Wilson as the YES Campaign’s spokesperson because he can be trusted to help the BBC smear everyone who watches Russia Today’s Going Underground and all their other wonderful shows that expose the role of his chums in the NSA, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, Special Branch and Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair’s lovely chums jailing journalists and murdering democratically elected politicians in Egypt.

Should businessmen and businesswomen have no place in Scotland’s YES Campaign? I’m not saying that. Should supporters of NATO have no place? Or supporter of the British Monarchy? Obviously, I’m not saying that either. However, none of these people can be allowed to misrepresent what Scotland’s referendum is all about. It is about self determination for the people of Scotland. The SNP spokespersons need to get with the program, and stop answering questions about why Scots should vote for independence based on their own party shibboleths and specific priorities that are not shared by the rest of us, such as on tax and spend. That is to narrow the base of support. It is to help Johann Lamont hold on to Labour voters when these people are crying out for a genuinely social democratic alternative that is simply not on offer from Ed Miliband.

What Scots need is to have explained to them over and over and over again is that the United Kingdom Parliament that Alistair Darling is so proud of is based on a ludicrously anti-democratic first-past-the-post electoral system that reduces most votes to wasted votes. This is due to most seats being safe seats.

The politics of the three parties with any prospect of getting elected (thanks to the right-wing broadcasters) are so similar, and so spectacularly uninspiring, that most voters can’t be arsed voting for any of them: mass abstention is the order of the day. In such circumstances, it doesn’t take much for voters pissed off at all the establishment politicians to vote for any none-of-the-above candidate. And that is precisely how Nigel Farage’s UKIP won the last election in England in May.

This victory under proportional representation was, inevitably, dressed up by the Tory BBC’s editors, the Tory SKY News editors, and the Tory Channel4 News editors, as yet another excuse to drive their hopeless political agenda still further to the right, drowning out all voices of reason. Ed Miliband lacks the brains, the heart or the spine to stand up to this process. His opportunistic apologists blame not Ed Miliband personally, but his advisers for not explaining to him how sandwiches work, or why selling Rupert Murdoch’s SUN actually doesn’t work; not if you are supposed to be standing up to the nasty agenda of Rupert Murdoch’s SUN.

Ed Miliband’s front bench is helping the friends and employers of Patrick Rock and Cyril Smith grant even more powers to Special Branch and MI5 to conduct surveillance, days after Home Secretary Theresa May promised Tom Watson that neither of them can appeal to the so-called national interest to stop an investigation into their own role in the coverup of a pedophile network. All the parties of government in England refuse to subject to proper scrutiny legislation that will grant powers to the very people who are clearly key to the cover-up of child sex abuse networks at the heart of the British Establishment for four decades and more.

Victims of child sex abuse will have their lawyers monitored to see if any MI5 or Special Branch whistle-blower is in contact with them. Investigative journalists out to expose those behind British Intelligence’s protection of pedophiles at Kincora Boys Home will find their sources arrested, then locked up without lawyers, all to protect those behind the child sex abuse. Crusading MPs like Tom Watson will find his sources also dry up as they become naive victims of MI5 and Special Branch entrapment, agent provocateur activity, perjury, evidence fabrication, bribing and blackmailing of witnesses. This is what Johann Lamont tells us we are better together with. It is, on the contrary, a nightmare that the Scottish people need to wake up from.

Do Scottish women want our children to be ‘protected’ by those behind this? Do we want our children to be ‘protected’ by Labour Home Secretaries up to their eyeballs in protecting these criminals at British Intelligence? Do we want our children ‘protected’ by the Chief Whips of the Tory Party, Lib Dems or Labour when we know how they admitted covering up child sex abuse in the past, using it to blackmail their own MPs? And nothing was done about any of these admissions?

The BBC refuse to let the voters discuss this. Regardless of what Jo Coburn and Sarah Smith argue, it is not trolling by ‘cybernats’ to demand answers to these question. It is standing up to a corrupt British Establishment that inflicted Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Cyril Smith on us. The BBC is a pillar of this rotten British Establishment. And that goes a long way to explaining Sarah Smith’s enthusiasm for smearing anyone who dares expose the role of MI5 and Special Branch agent provocateurs masquerading as supporters of the YES Campaign.


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