We need to talk about Hutcheon [@paulhutcheon]. Part I:

Paul Hutcheon helped British Intelligence conspire to pervert the course of justice

Paul Hutcheon helped British Intelligence conspire to pervert the course of justice

In a few hours time, Ed Miliband is going to herd hundreds of Labour MPs sheep-like into the same lobby as David Cameron’s evil Tories and Nick Clegg’s discredited Liberal Democrats. Is it the role of A dozen Labour Home Secretaries with something to hide, and/or Labour Chief Whips covering up child sex abuse to blackmail MPs into voting ‘the right way’ that explains what Ed Miliband is up to? What other explanation can there posssibly be? Why else would Labour’s leader hand yet more powers to Britain’s secret police?

Tom Watson – in response to a direct question on the floor of The House – was offered a solemn promise by Home Secretary Theresa May. During her statement about the need for a public inquiry into a conspiracy at the heart of the British Establishment to protect a pedophile network that neither Special Branch nor MI5 could rely on the so-called ‘national interest’ to protect criminals within either of these organizations, those found guilty of playing any part in this conspiracy.

The role of British Intelligence at the pedophile ring at the Kincora Boys Home has been discussed for four decades on the left. I recall award-winning investigative journalist Paul Foot’s “Who Framed Colin Wallace?” addressing this in the 1980s, if not earlier. And yet, days after Home Secretary Theresa May made her cast-iron guarantee, she is asking all MPs to hand emergency powers to Special Branch and to MI5. What will Norman Baker’s chums let Britain’s secret police do with these powers? I’ll tell you what: flout the spirit of the legal decision made against them.

Norman Baker says there is no time for serious parliamentary scrutiny of a piece of legislation worthy of a police state. And why is there no time, Norman? This so-called scourge of British Intelligence says his Liberal Democratic colleagues in government dragged their feet so ineptly in cabinet committees until there was no time left for such scrutiny by Britain’s so-called safeguard against an almighty executive.

And Ed Miliband and Yvette Cooper are satisfied that those who may have played key roles in this British Establishment coverup of pedophiles for four decades, possibly more, need these powers to snoop. They need these powers on the bizarre basis that if we have nothing to hide we have nothing to fear.

What about those who fear being punished for being whistle-blowers against their bosses at MI5 and Special Branch? What about the lawyers for the victims of child sex abuse perpetrated by MI5 and Special Branch at Kincora Boys Home or elsewhere? What about investigative journalists – those like the late Paul Foot – who will find their sources running for cover as Britain’s secret police will know they have been in contact, who are then set up, framed, by agent provocateurs, by state rapists, by perjurers of the Bob Lambert variety? What about those who ask for Tom Watson’s help to expose MI5 and Special Branch? What about us?

A few hours ago I was surprised to find my old friend, Scottish journalist of the year 2014 (allegedly), Paul Hutcheon, had chosen to follow me on Twitter. When I noticed this I had to ask myself if I had not already blocked him. It seems I had not. “I wonder what he wants,” I asked myself. Should I follow him back? No, why don’t I just take this opportunity to blog about him again, connecting his working with those who conspired alongside Bob Lambert types and staff of Prime Minister David Cameron to pervert the course of justice, and others at Rupert Murdoch’s News International? So, that’s what I’m doing today. Feedback from parliamentarians, investigative journalists, broadcasters, lawyers, Paul Hutcheon himself, would be more than welcome. This, by the way, is merely Part I of this expose of Paul’s role in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice alongside police spies. Much more on the way, connecting it to senior members of Ed Miliband’s front bench team, in particular my constituency MP – Douglas Alexander – and Education Shadow Secretary, Tristram Hunt, as well as many former Labour Home Secretaries, in particular David Blunkett.



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