Why does Ed Miliband protect MI5 pedophiles and blackmailers at Kincora Boys Home?

Who framed Colin Wallace? And why does Ed Miliband want emergency powers for MI5 to gag child abuse victims at Kincora Boys Home?

If there is one MP who has not let us down, then it is Tom Watson. Nevertheless, is he not wrong when he says it is now down to how MPs vote in Parliament? Not sure that need be the end of it. Not quite.

Ed Miliband is likely to carry the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs as they have expressed their desire to behave like cattle, voting without thinking through the consequences of what they are doing. Their response to dog whistles that skreetch “NATIONAL SECURITY!” reduces most of them to the proverbial Pavlov’s dog, drowning out each other in sickeningly sycophantic saliva.

Nevertheless, all is not quite lost. There will still be a few more hours in the Lord, where a handful of decent people may be able to kick up such a fuss. Helena Kennedy, perhaps? And if the threat of such a backlash seems immanent, and possibly quite likely, then who knows? A last minute backbench rebellion from all parliamentarians across all parties? This may seem unlikely, but what if it doesn’t happen? What then?

If nothing is done to overthrow this deal by the leaders of all three main parties, every MP who refuse to behave as they were elected to will have disgraced themselves. Maybe, just in time, they may come under pressure to do a Mea Culpa, then backtrack. They must know we could be witnessing one of those rare historic moments when the tectonic plates shift rapidly and dramatically. It could be like the revelations over MPs’ expenses, when everyone ran for cover, when they had to resign, resign from government, resign as MPs, and sometimes to end up behind bars.

It is time for Ed Miliband to take a break from trying to master how to eat a sandwich with dignity and wake up and pay attention to the voters. Listen to our anger, anger likely to be directed against MPs who cravenly grant emergency powers, without any proper scrutiny, from the democratic half of the legislature to the most powerful pillar of this British Establishment that is up to its eyeballs in pedophilia, and blackmail too, exerting their excessively authoritarian powers in the shadows.

The voters may just be ready to declare a plague on all your houses if the latest echo of an admission by Tory whips of two decades ago suggest (as strikes me as almost a cast-iron certainty) that Labour’s front bench is acquiescing in this monstrous stitch-up to protect Labour Chief Whips as well as Tory and Liberal Democrat ones who agreed to cover up child sex abuse in order to blackmail their own Members of Parliament to vote the way the whips wanted them to vote.

The electorate is not quite as stupid as all three party leaders take us to be. Just because the Tory hacks at the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News networks refuse to challenge Ed Miliband and the other party leaders proves nothing. Voters can see through the liars without any help from broadcasters in hock to the CBI, GCHQ, Royal Family et al.

Voters are starting to see  what has been going on in our name. What has been going on for the last several decades: Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith got away with what they did because they had friends in high places. And it seems that their friends in the British Establishment still expect to be able to put together a blatant coverup to stop the voters getting a glimpse of reality. All these bungled attempts to foist the likes of Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss on us backfire. Social media, instant research on the internet by hundreds of thousands of citizen journalists mean we can do the broadcasters’ job for them. We can hold the British government to account even if ‘Fleet Street’, the broadcast media and 99% of MPs from all three main parties sell their soul to the MI5 devil.

The people are waking up, with a little help from citizen journalists, social media, the wisdom of crowds. The idea the people don’t care about politicians, judges, those who work for Special Branch and MI5 and civil servants being able to get away with these crimes when it is our children are the victims… Sorry, but this won’t work.

Ed Miliband is destined to pay a very heavy price for what he has done in closing ranks behind the forces who want a police state, spiced up by a little child sex abuse and blackmail. Abdicating his duty to scrutinize grossly unjust legislation in this area will make Ed Miliband’s sandwich-munching catastrophe look like a stroke of genius by comparison. Ed Miliband’s days are numbered, and I for one will not be sorry to see him go.


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