Why have I changed my Twitter and Facebook avatars?

Paul Hutcheon helped Andy Coulson, Frances Curran and Chris Bambery

Paul Hutcheon helped Andy Coulson, Frances Curran and Chris Bambery

I have changed my Facebook and my Twitter avatar today, and I want to explain why. This could take some time. I loved my last avatar of David Cameron with Andy Coulson in the shadows, with a big YES declaring my support for Scottish independence. I have kept the YES Twibbon, but it is now on a rather small profile pic of Scotland’s Journalist of the year (allegedly) for 2014: Paul Hutcheon. Paul followed me on Twitter, unexpectedly, then for reasons I have yet to ascertain, abandoned this plan within a very short time. Was it something I said? Can’t be that since I was still writing my blog when I discovered he’d had second thoughts. I have started a protracted assessment of Paul Hutcheon in my blog.

I have merely introduced the topic of Paul Hutcheon here: https://derekthomas2010.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/we-need-to-talk-about-hutcheon-paulhutcheon-part-i/.

But I intend to flesh out my allegation – one I believe I can substantiate to the satisfaction of any jury should he dare to sue me for libel – that he is up to his neck in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. That conspiracy involved Prime Minister David Cameron’s senior staff. And that conspiracy was set up to protect the identities of several undercover cops and agents of British Intelligence.

I further allege that senior front benchers in Ed Miliband’s cabinet have helped protect these undecover cops and agents of British Intelligence from public scrutiny. And I am not above suggesting that Ed Miliband’s support for emergency powers for the MI5 criminals who are responsible for pedophile crimes and for blackmail at the Kincora Boys Home (covered up by the British Establishment for four decades), in the process delaying decisions over his Shadow Cabinet reshuffle until after he sees which of his spineless backbenchers will vote alongside him to grant powers to these criminals is not unrelated to the behavior of Paul Hutcheon, vis-a-vis this conspiracy that involved David Camerons’ senior staff.

I have a great deal more to say about this. It may help the debate on how the Scottish electorate should cast our vote on the 18th of September. I think it has a bearing on how important it is for the people here to protect ourselves from British Intelligence and from Labour Home Secretaries and Chief Whips who blackmail their own MPs in exchange for covering up their child sex abuse of ‘little boys’.


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