Scotland didn’t start the fire:

BBC Tories? They're all in it together

BBC Tories? They’re all in it together

Peter Higgs don’t give two figs
Clerk Maxwell is awfully swell
Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde.
Treasure buried deep inside
Scotland’s brave. Freedom we crave.
Coulson? Pat Rock? Call-Me-Dave?
The more we hear, it just gets worse.
Kincora poisons DRIP from hearse.

We didn’t start the fire
Westminster’s fiddlers burn.
But now it’s Scotland’s turn.
BBC has bought every liar.
Scots will have our say
Britania’s had its day.

John Maclean was not insane
British Empire jailed his brain.
Every child, and every wean
We’ll liberate. We’ll break the chain.
Thatcher? Savile? MI5?
Vampires. More dead than alive.
To BBC or CBI,
Their ratings dive the more they lie.


Leon Brittan coverup
Michael Havers’s sister pup
Nightmare at Downing Street, we’ll fight.
We’ll flush their bullshit every night.
British state. It’s far too late.
Tory bastards, there’s the gate.
Human rights, we will not hate.
18 September. That’s our date.


The public face may be JK
BBC buries truth away.
The picture of Alisdair Gray
Speaks for Scots. It’s what we say
Artists, comics, writers too.
Big Bad BBC: Tory Blue
The Scottish people climb on stage
We write our own script on the page.


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