Time is running out for Scotland. Time is running out for all of us:

John Beattie hates Scottish democracy

John Beattie hates Scottish democracy

Months ago I explained that only the YES Campaign was having fun because leaders of the other campaign were our court jesters, and there was plenty of time for the polls to reverse: https://derekthomas2010.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/scottish-independence-referendum-and-twitter/. Times, alas, they are a changing. Here is part of what I wrote:

  • We all make, or try to make, serious points. And we all spice up our individual take on what is going on with humor, with wit. At any rate, the most popular tweeters tend to rely on this a fair bit. And this is in my opinion key to explaining why Better Together are nowhere on Twitter. The Yes Campaign is made up of those who are enjoying ourselves, notwithstanding our still being significantly behind in the polls. Given how much time we have to turn things round, we’re having a ball. Better Together provide us with hilarious entertainment. They are our court jesters.
  • One of Kenneth Macdonald’s guest on his show yesterday – Sergio Casci – said he thought this was a terminal problem for Katie Grant’s side: everyone is laughing at the Better Together leadership, including all their own supporters who appear on Ken’s show.

The YES Campaign is responding to the limited time we have left to persuade the majority to cut our umbilical cord with the United Kingdom in a variety of ways. Some are hitting out in a way that is counterproductive. They are getting desperate and want to do something, even if what they are doing is being taken down and will be used against them as individuals, and will be used against the YES Campaign as a whole, even though we don’t endorse any counterproductive overreaction to the abuse by the official NO Campaign, and their stooges in the broadcast media.

Other are responding by denying the polls reflect reality. I accept this premise. But only up to a point. Clearly the polls are skewed by one pollster in particular, one whose findings are so at odds with the rest that question must be asked: do these mavericks have an agenda? Are they paid to deliberately skew the polls, to make some of us do silly things, and/or to make others see no point in doing anything because we’ve already lost, and maybe even persuade a few of the less thoughtful Scots to vote with what they believe to be the majority just because that will make them feel like winners, even if every Scot loses as a consequence of this abuse of the democratic process? Maybe.

We have seen polls exposed as inadequate when it comes to Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party once before. Nevertheless, to rely on that to come to our rescue would be the height of complacency. These polls certainly do not reflect the experience of the activists out there campaigning. At least not those campaigning for the YES Campaign. What they do reflect is the rest of the electorate. And they are the majority. Atomized as they are, they are far more susceptible to the lies of  The BBC.

BetterTogether Bullshit Crapmachine

YES Campaigners are doing a grand job usurping the BBC gatekeepers, and this is really pissing off Scotland 2014’s Sarah Smith. Sarah denounces viewers for daring to expose her outrageous bias on behalf of the NO Campaign. She and others like her are paid from our license fee to abuse us as ‘cybernats’ and trolls for daring to expose her disgusting bias. A right to reply from Sarah Smith? You must be joking.

Activists from Scotland’s YES Campaign are bringing the undecideds together to hear both sides, subjecting the NO Campaign to forensic scrutiny, and it’s really pissing them off. But most voters still get most of their news, politics and current affairs from the official television networks. To be more precise, most of the older generation do. And they are among the most likely to cast a vote in the referendum. What these voters are being spoon-fed is misinformation. That is a fact.

BBC propaganda on behalf of the Better Together Campaign goes a long way in explaining the state of the opinion polls. What do we do about this in the closing weeks of the campaign?

Part of the official leadership of the YES Campaign have gone native at Westminster. Angus Robertson may be determined to bury his head in the sand, accepting that liars can’t be called liars, as that is ‘unparliamentary’ language, but back here on Scotland’s council estates, we don’t roll that way: diplomacy has its limits.

SNP MPs may deem it ‘rude’ to question the integrity of specific broadcasters. But that is a strategy doomed to blow up in all our faces. Time to go home and think again, comrades. Time for Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney et al to call the BBC’s bluff. Time to call a spade a spade. Time to call John Beattie exactly what he is: a CBI glove-puppet.

Back in the good old days, when BBC granted the people of Scotland an entire hour every single week when BetterTogether’s bullshit was not being dumped on us from both sides of the border on both radio and television, and the internet too, I explained why Kenneth Macdonald read out a great deal more tweets from the YES Campaign than from the other camp. I explained why Scotland’s YES Campaign use Twitter hashtags to communicate with each other, peer-to-peer, to get our message across. We do this whereas the NO Campaign, on the whole, doesn’t. The other side rely almost exclusively on texts and emails instead. Why is that, exactly?

As I have pointed out many times previously, Twitter is the universal suffrage equivalent of broadcasting: everyone contributes on an equal basis. Billionaire Rupert Murdoch may have more followers than me; but he can’t stop others reading what I make available to others, and other like-minded people may choose to amplify what I argue, by retweeting me, and I can do the same. Audience applause can expose how out-of-touch Question Time and Any Questions chairmen and panelists are; how out-of-touch the entire BBC editorial boards are. And Twitter’s retweet mechanism performs the same function in social media.

With Twitter, everyone can examine the biases of the BBC broadcasters. If they flout democracy, by reading out only those tweets that reflect their own petty, and ever-so blatant NO Campaign prejudices, then the evidence is there for everyone to see. And that explains why John Beattie refuses to read out any of the tweets to his truly awful Crossfire program.

John Beattie reads out texts and emails because no one can prove his biases. The raw data is in his possession. Tweets, on the other hand, are public property. There are effectively no positive tweets for John Beattie to read out, because everyone hates his program. It is unlistenable.

John Beattie won’t read out our tweets not merely because if he started he’d be challenged on the balance. More than that: he can’t read our tweets as they expose the political bias of himself and his fellow panelists. John Beattie insults Scotland’s license fee payers by pretending he hasn’t made his mind up. Everyone knows he has. Crossfire is being ‘chaired’ by a fully paid up member of the NO Campaign. Simply refusing to come out of the closet fools no one.

John Beattie’s contempt for the Scotland’s YES Campaigners explains his insistence on Crossfire listeners taking at face value his so-called experts. BBC Scotland ‘experts’ are nothing of the sort. They are consciously working for the NO Campaign, and John Beattie’s refusal to fess up to that changes nothing. Alternatively, these ‘experts’ are idiots incapable of challenging the lies of the NO Campaign. They are worse than useless from the point of view of democratic debate.

What about Crossfire’s so-called YES Campaigner, Andrew Wilson? He is everything I hate. He does nothing to balance Crossfire. His propaganda is worthless. He is entitled to his opinions, as are all those who will vote for Scottish independence, as are all those who will vote against Scottish independence in our referendum. However, he does not represent me. He does not represent the overwhelming majority of Scotland’s YES Campaign. He was selected by BBC Scotland’s bosses precisely because they knew he would do a piss-poor job of uniting the YES Campaign. He was picked to piss off the YES Campaign, to have us fighting amongst ourselves. Pathetic.

Andrew Wilson refuses to challenge the lies and idiocy of John Beattie and whoever is making a mockery of the NO Campaign on any given week. Why? Cock-up or conspiracy? Can’t prove he is paid to screw up the YES Campaign. But I wouldn’t put it past him. Either way, it hardly matters. He is a handicap. And he was picked by BBC Scotland to damage us.

BBC Scotland bosses think they are being clever by lying in order to mangle Scotland’s referendum. But that is not true. As I have explained previously, the Scottish people will not tolerate having democracy stolen from us. All the promises of Better Together and John Beattie and Sarah Smith are lies. They know that to be the case. Andrew Wilson refuses to expose these liars because his heart is not in this. When all the devolution promises are betrayed at the next United Kingdom general election, there will be hell to pay. Scotland will erupt in mass civil disobedience. This is not a threat. I am not advocating this. The problem is that, given the nature of the liars at BBC Scotland, there is likely to be some very unhealthy threads to such civil disobedience. Those who feel their once-in-a-generation chance of a peaceful, constitutional liberation has been stolen from us by tools of British Imperialism can be expected to accelerate the process. And we all know where that leads.

Lesley Riddoch has insisted there is no prospect of Scotland moving down the road paved by Northern Ireland. There is no reason why it has to. But if Scotland’s referendum is stolen from us by the CBI – and that is what is happening today – then no one can guarantee how some hotheads will respond. Losing the referendum in such circumstances will prove the gateway to a national tragedy.

Time is running out. For all of us.

Part of me wants to end this blog entry with that last sentence. But I can’t. The biases of BBC Scotland are so outrageous that I am not prepared to do that. For the benefit of the hard of thinking, I do not want anything like the notorious ‘Troubles’ to be visited upon the people of Scotland, or anywhere else. I would not endorse any such behavior. But desperate people do stupid things. Treat people like animals and that is how you must expect them to respond. Rob the Scottish people of democracy, and you will open the door for reaction to walk through.

What I have attempted to do in the closing parts of this article is not to foment ‘troubles’. What I am offering is a timely warning about the consequences of what BBC liars are doing, of what lies in store for all of us if we can’t stop those who are contaminating Scotland’s democracy day-in, day-out. These people are the same ones who helped David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband DRIP feed emergency powers to the unaccountable arm of the British state: in other words, empowered those who gave us the Kincora Boys Home pedophile scandal, Special Branch’s protection of Loyalist Death Squads who murdered civil rights lawyers, Bob Lambert-style agent provocateurs, perjurers, state rapists, harvesters of dead children’s identities. Better off with Britain’s secret police? Just how sick are you?


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One Response to Time is running out for Scotland. Time is running out for all of us:

  1. Gus Be says:

    I got the impression from listen to Beattie every day that he was more Yes than No. Nothing conclusive but, as a yes voter myself, I think he gave away subtle clues that he shared some of the same opinions as myself. He may have voted No and none of us will ever know, but I find it quite strange that you conclusively believe him to be a No voter


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