BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News economic editors should be in jail:

Andy Coulson Comes Under Pressure In The Wake Of Phone Tapping Accusations

Bankers should be in jail. Most voters accept that. Maybe not all of them, but a fair few should. All those guilty of corruption, fixing markets; they should be in jail. No question. Who else should be in jail? What about the economics editors at the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News?

The BBC buried their membership of the employers organization –  The CBI – for god-knows how long. Their own investigative journalists were kept in the dark about this mind-blowing revelation by ex-Tory Party Chairman and Chair of the BBC’s so-called ‘TRUST’, Chris Patten. Patten knew our license fee was wasted on so-called objective broadcasters whose editors and management had a conflict of interest when it came to every single instance of industrial action, and to all commentary on the economy, and, indeed, to all politics as well: after all, the CBI shares the exact same values of the Conservative Party, the party the head of the BBC’s ‘Trust’ is working to get reelected at the next general election. This is corruption, pure and simple. And SKY News and Channel4 News are not in the least bit better.

Economics editors at the BBC, at SKY News and Channel4 News are not stupid. Certainly nowhere near as stupid as they will have to make a jury believe when all these bubbles burst. They will then pretend they never saw this coming. But that is simply not true.

Economics editors know exactly what is going on here. And they are willingly pocketing public funds to peddle lies to bolster David Cameron’s Conservative Party. They also know that the greedy parasites who hire and fire them expect them to lie, to do that to con naive middle class people, as well as elderly retired members of the working class, tricking them into investing their life savings, investing everything they have to show from decades of hard work, investing into fantasy assets that are then converted into toxic gas to inflate George Osborne and Mark Carney’s bubbles.

The lies broadcast on a daily basis by the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News allows the corrupt casino economy junkies to make a quick buck while everyone is looking the wrong way. They are looking the wrong way because these liars who pass themselves off as economics editors are trusted to tell the truth about what they claim are very difficult to understand problems. And then, when the bubbles destined to burst do precisely that, and pensioners lose their life savings, and the self-employed small businessmen are driven into bankruptcy, possibly suicide, ultra-rich asset strippers can descend like vultures to gorge themselves on all this predictable chaos.

The United Kingdom society of ever-increasing inequality, began by Margaret Thatcher, and continued by corrupt war criminal Tony Blair, is a nightmare that is set to intensify.

Whose fault is this? It is the fault, in significant part, of the economics editors at the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News for not blowing the whistle. These people knew the truth. But, spineless toadies that they are, they preferred to take bribes to buy their silence. People will lose their jobs. And many will lose their home. Life savings will crumble into dust courtesy of the rank corruption at the heart of Britain’s broadcast media. Should these people, and all their bosses not share a cell with Andy Coulson? Why the hell not?

Here is the latest episode of Max Keiser’s Keiser Report, which explains part of what is going on. Every socialist needs to watch every episode of this program to discover what is really going on in the global economy. Part of David Cameron’s working with Obama and the European Union to try to stop viewers watching RT is because of programs like this. They are absolutely terrified of the truth. And the BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News are every bit as terrified, and for exactly the same reasons.

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