Baroness Warsi resigns today. Six million Scots are queuing up to follow her.

Chairman of the Conservative Party, Saye

I think this is important. I won’t pretend I am a fan of this Tory or of members of the House of Lords in general. Nevertheless, this is significant. This has consequences for the government, and will exacerbate tensions within the British Establishment towards Israel. But it goes further than that. It is a sign of things to come. Why is she taking this stance? Regardless of how conscious she is about this, it is a reflection of a general shift away from the orthodoxy that reigns supreme at the BBC and SKY News.

Some broadcasters are clearly breaking ranks, taking a stance, putting their editors on the spot. Good for them. All of this reopening the entire narrative about the sustainability of two-state solution, which merely rubber stamps seventy years of land grab by an anti-Arab racist ideology, giving the ‘right to return’ to those who have never set foot on the continent, while stealing the property of those driven off the land by terrorists generations ago.

It is no longer tenable to look the other way, regardless of how much Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News nor James Harding’s BBC want their broadcasters to do that. All the people all across the world, those of us with a shred of humanity, those of us with empathy for fellow creatures are sitting up and taking notice of the injustice.

Israel today is what it always has been: a state of apartheid. It’s foreign policy is the foreign policy of a terrorist state. It’s policy towards its victims in what is little more than a glorified refugee camp in GAZA, a South African bantustan, verges on the genocidal. Destroying the tunnels is said to be justified by the apologists of these war criminals. But this vandalism in the context of Israeli policy is akin to fascist guards destroying tunnels in concentration camps.

The world, thank god (the real world as opposed to the out-of-touch pen-pushers at Obama’s NSA) is sympathetic to the oppressed, not the oppressors. And every single example of solidarity the people of Palestine can get shifts the balance of forces on the scales of justice, if only a little. In that context, I do applaud what Baroness Warsi has done.

And Alex Salmond should weigh in on this tonight. He should raise this issue tonight in his debate on Scotland’s future. Scotland needs its own foreign policy, and Philip Hammond’s stance is the best example of why we need this. We need it to do what Baroness Warsi has done today.  On behalf of  six million Scots, Alex Salmond has to say to David Cameron’s Tory government tonight, “Not in our name.”

By denouncing the policy of David Cameron’s government in support of the Israeli government, by offering his personal support for the oppressed, Alex Salmond will be giving voice not just to Scotland, but also the overwhelming majority of English voters. They too want to give a slap in the face to those who shrug their shoulders as President Obama funds Benjamin Netanyahua’s genocidal policy in Gaza, funding also his ally atop the fascist state of Egypt: General Sisi.

On behalf of the entire world, Alex Salmond would be distancing Scotland from the NSA and CIA, and their United Kingdom equivalents (those who a few weeks ago were further empowered by Ed Miliband as well as David Cameron and Nick Clegg, with their outrageously unexamined ’emergency’ DRIP legislation. All of NATO’s unaccountable Intelligence Agencies work hand-in-glove with MOSSAD to help sell the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu to the world, rather than help us put him on trial for the most sickening of war crimes. And Alex Salmond needs to pin his colours to the mast in opposing this, a stance that would be popular with Labour voters in Scotland and irreparably damage those who back UK foreign policy, because their patriotism is of the ‘my country, right or wrong’ idiocy, and heartlessness.



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