What Alex Salmond must say on Scotland’s currency if he wants to win Scottish independence

Alex Salmond's soundbite to turn everything around.

Alex Salmond’s soundbite to turn everything around.

This is the answer in a nutshell. It is what Alex Salmond and all his team should hammer home at every opportunity until the polls close, putting these points today to Ed Miliband before he scurries back over the border, scared of being scrutinized by the likes of Bernard Ponsonby.

The Scottish currency is not something that would be set up in a day. Transitional to it via the other options makes perfect sense. This is all Alex Salmond has to say. It is what Alistair Darling, Johann Lamont, Ed Miliband will find impossible to answer.

It is what Sarah Smith won’t be able to squirm out of. It is what will have John Beattie crawling away, pretending he didn’t hear the question. Brian Taylor, Glenn Campbell, Andrew Marr, James Harding et al are desperate to lie on behalf of Better Together about what the real, perfectly credible alternatives are.

Alex Salmond has to do more than insist the leaders of all the parties of Better Together are bluffing. Just because political activists, anoraks, members of the Scottish government, know George Osborne et al are bluffing, knowing precisely why they have to be bluffing, that doesn’t mean it is not a bluff that is working. Face facts, comrades: it is working.

Possibly this bluff is not working at the public debates. There, the YES Campaign is wiping the floor with the BBC stooges, their partners at the Confederation of British Industry, the politicians in Washington who say America has to wade in to stop Scottish self determination because it is an attack on the USA’s ‘national security’, in other words, remit of the NSA, the CIA, and their counterparts in British Intelligence, MI5, MI5, Special Branch, not to mention the Israeli’s MOSSAD, kidnappers and secret police for Benjamin Netanyahu, the notorious war criminal of Gaza.

The problem for the YES Campaign is all those who fail to make it to these public meetings, those with family commtments, can’t make it, or don’t want to make it, to public meetings. They, alas, in the main rely on the broadcasters. These voters are, disgracefully, being denied access to the truth.

‘Experts’ trump the airtime the YES Campaign gets. And when BBC Scotland’s editors let us get any airtime at all, often the so-called ‘objective’ chair (Sarah Smith of Scotland 2014, or John Beattie of Crossfire) abuse their power, not letting us address the key issues, changing the subject when things start to get uncomfortable for the themselves, or the Better Together representative, or the BBC’s so-called ‘experts’.

And Sarah Smith, John Beattie etc often misquote us, they let us get shouted down by the BT liars, then, they present a totally inaccurate summing up of what both sides said, not letting us pick up on one, two or even dozens of hostages to fortune left scattered around the airwaves by the BT side..

Every bit as important, the BBC Scotland editors (and their United Kingdom equivalents) select as ‘our’ representatives many people who do us no favors. Not all of as are equally strong. And often the BBC makes sure we are ‘represented’ by some of our biggest Achilles Heals, on one or two issues, sometimes on almost all of them.

Alex Salmond, and Alex Salmond alone, has the power to put an end too this abuse by the BBC. He can do this by summing up the alternatives to a shared currency in an easily digestible soundbite. Any ‘adviser’ who has been telling him to pretend an independent Scotland can force Better Together party leaders to let us keep the pound in the sense of a shared currency is making him look incompetent, untrustworthy, and arrogant by denying the English people their right to self determination also. The ball is  now in his court. He can easily turn this around, and must do so immediately. By doing that he will set the tone for the closing weeks of the debate. We will all be singing from the same hymn-sheet, and it will be the CBI and NSA stooges who will descend into their default ferrets-fighting-in-a-sack mode.

This is my response to The  Point’s Facebook status update: https://www.facebook.com/DGS.network/posts/821964514502649?comment_id=822131324485968&offset=0&total_comments=2

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One Response to What Alex Salmond must say on Scotland’s currency if he wants to win Scottish independence

  1. John Gibson says:

    excuse my bad language for once, Here Fuckin here!

    I have been saying the same thing for weeks. Cut them off at the knees and throw the question back at them. What wil lrUK do when we don’t have a currency union – answer – SINK!
    come on Alex it is one thing they are using against YES and it is working. Like Derek says above -KILL IT!!!!


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