What is David Cameron’s Plan B on Europe?

No one should trust David Cameron on anything

No one should trust David Cameron on anything

As David Cameron marched into Scotland yesterday, one of his MPs resigned citing his lack of trust in the Prime Minister. David Cameron will almost inevitably lose the Clacton by-election called by UKIP’s MP, Douglas Carswell. This will send shockwaves through the entire British Establishment.

Not only will the Tory Party be irreparably damaged from a UKIP victory, David Cameron’s coalition partners, the toxic Liberal Democrats, will be to the cheering of pretty much everyone, including ninety percent of Tory MPs of all persuasions.

A UKIP victory in the Clacton by-election will prove no less disastrous for Ed Miliband’s front bench. Their bizarre rejection of an in-out referendum on European will destroy Labour at the next United Kingdom general election. All the above is a recipe for the collapse in support for all the parties of Better Together on the very eve of Scotland’s date with destiny: 18th of September 2014.

On BBC Radio Scotland yesterday morning, the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson told James Naughtie there were probably more than 100 Tory MPs who would campaign alongside Nigel Farage to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union if David Cameron proves unable to wring significant concession, concessions everyone knows he is not going to get.

Among senior Tory MPs who have explicitly made this argument already are former Defense Secretary, and now Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond. Also included in that list is David Cameron’s newly appointed Chief Whip, the odious Michael Gove, the man the Prime Minister trusts to intimidate Tory MPs to do his bidding.

Unfortunately, the people of Scotland are being kept in the dark as to David Cameron’s ‘Plan B’ if he does not get the concessions his backbenchers and many of his front benchers insist are necessary.

As David Cameron crept into Scotland to help Better Together’s Confederation of British Industry to intimidate the Scottish people into voting against independence, or to face unspecified economic sanctions from those who own businesses, those with the power to hire and fire us at a whim (which, to be frank, ought to constitute a criminal offense as it corrupts Scotland’s democracy, which literally means ‘people rule’, not employer rule), his hosts told Cameron that his in-out referendum on the European Union is a massive risk they resent. The reality is David Cameron is aware that the people of Scotland are being lied to. He just doesn’t care.

Scotland can be dragged out of the European Union. However, it is not a vote for independence that risks us losing EU membership. The risk to Scotland’s membership of the EU comes from the infinitely more eurosceptic English electorate. David Cameron won’t tell us Scots what his Plan B is if he secures no concessions from the European Union. As Douglas Carswell’s resignation proves this is a recipe for massively boosting UKIP’s vote, for dragging Scots out of the European Union, unless of course he can’t do that because the voters have had the good sense to extricating ourselves from David Cameron’s anti-democratic straightjacket. The ball is in the court of Scotland’s YES Campaign at precisely the moment our opponents have put their rackets down and descended into bare-knuckle wrestling among themselves. Game, set and match.


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