Will Jim Murphy be prosecuted for wasting police time?

Did Jim Murphy set up his so-called assault?

Did Jim Murphy set up his so-called assault?

Why won’t Jim Murphy make an official complaint to the police about the man who threw an egg at him? All supporters of Yes Scotland are happy to dissociate ourselves from whatever it is he thought he was doing. He has nothing to do with the YES Campaign. Jim Murphy knows that. But that has not stopped him using this incident to accuse the YES Campaign of organizing this assault. Am I the only one who smells a rat?

Jim Sillars once suggested that some of the anonymous ‘cybernats’ who descend into personal abuse and even threats could very well be deliberately damaging Scotland’s YES Campaign because they’re being paid by British Intelligence to do precisely that. The discredited BBC that is clearly a key pillar of Better Together refused to give this suggestion the time of day. On her truly awful Scotland 2014, Sarah Smith ‘balanced’ her implication that Jim Sillars is clinically paranoid with two other commentators who shared her contempt for this perfectly reasonable theory. What about the egging of Jim Murphy? What role, if any, might the British State have played in that?

I don’t rule out the possibility that the man who egged Jim Murphy is a lone wolf. It is possible he is just someone who took the law into his own hands. If that is the case, he speaks for no one but himself. But if that is the case, does he not have the guts to hand himself into the police, to face the music for what he has done?

If Jim Murphy’s egg-man wants Scottish independence, and if he did this of his own account, he will turn himself into the police and let them take whatever action they think is appropriate. If he wants Scottish independence then he will help expose the wretched lies of Jim Murphy that supporters of Scottish independence have anything whatsoever to do with the throwing of eggs at any supporter of the NO Campaign. If he does anything else, suspicions will intensify that this is a put-up job.

Many people are already drawing the conclusion that Jim Murphy is exploiting this incident to give himself victim status that he does not deserve. If that is so, then he must be prosecuted by the Police for wasting police time. And if they refuse to do that, then that begs the question as to the role of the police themselves in the incident.

In order to prove he played no part in this, Jim Murphy needs to explain why he has done zilch to have this man arrested and charged, and any conspirators named and shamed. Is it because Jim Murphy is scared that if the ‘egg man’ is prosecuted, not only will he [Jim Murphy] be proven to have participated in this so-called assault, but that he did so as part of a plan by the British State to blacken the name of Scotland’s YES Campaign, in precisely the same way Special Branch used Bob Lambert and other undercover cops to blacken the name of the parents and friends of Stephen Lawrence?

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