Scotland wants to break free because…

Scotland wants to break free because every baby must be born. If Scotland’s independence is analogous to a divorce, then what we are dealing with is a loveless marriage. When relationships have come to an end, both parties need to call it a day and try to build new lives for ourselves, independent of each other. If we are responsible, we will not bear grudges. We will do our level best to remain civil, not just for the sake of the children, but or sakes of our own mental health. We will wish the best for each other.

However, if that is the analogy, then David Cameron is behaving very much like a vindictive, abusive husband.  He is trying to stop his wife sharing joint assets as well as liabilities. David Cameron wants to kick the Scottish people out into the street without a penny to our name, taking away the shirt from our back if he can get away with that. He is calling in favors from all over the world to echo his own lies, intimidating us. This is a truly nasty approach. Why on earth would Scotland decide it is better together with people like David Cameron?

However, a different way of looking at the relationship of Scotland to the United Kingdom is to see ourselves as having matured inside a parents womb. Every baby must be born. And it is time for Scotland to get out there rather than to be trapped inside. Scotland thrives on hope and a sense of humor. We have not been ‘educated’ into thinking illegal wars are a good thing. We have not been brainwashed into thinking an unelected House of Lords is a good thing. We are not so daft as to think we can’t do better than tolerate a society where Douglas Alexander, Johann Lamont, Alistair Darling permitted five individuals to own more than the poorest 20%.

Scotland will start with a blank slate, a written constitution drawn up by the people of Scotland. We are not going to be weighed down with ‘common sense’ of United Kingdom’s leadership. We want to be free because we know how to enjoy ourselves, to have fun, to smile, to laugh, to look after each other. We have hope. We will survive. We will dance. Scotland will thrive.


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