Just lost my @Derekrootboy Twitter Account.


I seem to be locked out of my twitter account. Got an email from KRED telling me they wanted to give me $50. Tried to sign in using my Twitter account. Kicked me out of my @derekrootboy account, and Twitter isn’t sending me a reset link to my email address to recover my account. Hope this doesn’t take long for them to fix. I have tried to follow their instructions, but don’t understand them. Can’t believe Twitter will allow me to be locked out for too long. Over 12,000 followers, and almost 200,000 tweets, with a paper value of over $20,000. Surely I can’t lose the account due to being conned by someone pretending to be from KRED. Anyway,…

While I am waiting for Twitter to let me have my main account back, I have decided to use a secondary account: @tomdelargy. I don’t use that very much, but won’t have much choice for a while. To make it easier or anyone who wants to read my tweets, I have tried to change this other account to make it look as much like my main account as possible.

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