BBC’s depute political editor Norman Smith breaks election law

Norman Smith breaks electoral law

Norman Smith breaks electoral law

BBC’s Depute Political Editor Norman Smith told viewers in Scotland at 12:06pm on the day of our referendum that there will be massive changes even if we vote NO to Scottish independence. Norman said this during the Daily Politics on BBC2. But he has never been in the slightest doubt that the YES Campaign contested what he was saying, had done so from day one. And Alex Salmond’s anxieties are clearly being proven right, as anyone with any brains always knew they would be. In other words, Norman Smith was deliberately undermining our campaign on the very day of the referendum.

My understanding is that what Norman Smith did is a breach of election law. What can we do about this? Why has he not been suspended from the BBC pending an investigation? Was this ‘mere’ carelessness, or a deliberate bid to sabotage our democracy? Why did the BBC not make an instant correction to accept that what Norman Smith said did not in any sense represent the views of the BBC which was not taking sides? Was that because the BBC was taking sides, had been taking sides, and will continue to take sides regardless of what is and is not against the law?

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