Miliband, Cameron, BBC, SKY, Scotland’s people wave goodbye


Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the fallout from Scotland’s independence referendum. This might strike some people as heartless given how the results lead to so many people caught on camera shedding tears: even senior journalists like Lesley Riddoch admitting how gutted they were, to the extent they were not sure they could discuss how they felt in public. Because I had prepared myself for the possibility of defeat more than anyone else I know of, I managed to bypass the grief stage, shifting straight to anger. But this is anger directed where it belongs: not those voters who didn’t vote for independence, but anger at the British Establishment, including the BBC and Ed Miliband’s thoroughly discredited Labour Party.

Within a surprisingly short period, I was picking myself up. I was remembering to think with my head as well as my heart: don’t get mad; get even. Time to start all over again, fighting for justice and for democracy. I’m so glad that I’m not alone in this. Alex Salmond struck precisely the right tone in his initial public response to our defeat. And he has not let us down yet. Read between the lines, and we can grasp the foundations of our new strategy. Possibly. It is, thus far, a case of reading between the lines, and it’s entirely possible that we are not on the same page. Regardless of inevitable differences within the independence movement, on details at least, there is a great deal that is uniting us already. And surrendering to Project Fear plays no part in that unity.

In the first place, we unite to hold the feet of David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to the fire, vis-a-vis their solemn, and unbreakable devolution ‘vow’. Alex Salmond insists this vow on new powers – tied to a timetable for their delivery – proved decisive in securing Better Together’s victory. I’m going with that, although I do see one or two other factors that are well worth our exploring, factors that further strengthen the independence movement.

The inevitable Broken Vow of Ed Miliband and David Cameron is the Achilles Heel of the British Establishment. Self-evidently, it is around this public relations disaster for Better Together that YES Scotland must rebuild our independence movement, focusing it, accelerating the disintegration of the British Establishment’s remit north of the border.

Notwithstanding the long list of degraded broadcasters of Better Together, across all three of the United Kingdom’s news networks (BBC, SKY and Channel4 News), the lies of David Cameron and Ed Miliband will not go unpunished. Gordon Brewer can smear supporters of Scottish self determination as much as he likes, but he’s making no headway; he simply makes himself look ever more pathetic in the eyes of Scotland’s license fee payers.

Alex Salmond never has and never will own the franchise to Scotland’s right to self-determination. While he can have a personal attitude towards independence referenda being a once-in-generation – or once-in-a-lifetime – option, if the voters offer a mandate to another democratically-elected government proposing a second referendum, Alex has only one vote, just like me. Scotland need not agree with any one of us. If that is beyond the understanding of Gordon Brewer, then I suggest he stands down and lets someone else scrutinize our elected politicians.

Furthermore, as Alex Salmond explained, securing a majority in a referendum is not the only means by which a nation can secure an independent nation state. Jack Straw may want to stop Scotland getting a second bite of the cherry, motivated by the parties of the British Establishment being a busted flush in the eyes of the voters up north, or will be any day now. But introducing dictatorial measures can always be frustrated by an oppressed group if we play our cards right. And an opportunity to expose the shallowness of Jack’s army of Straw men presents itself in a few months time: the United Kingdom General Election.

Jack Straw’s dictatorial contempt for the people of Scotland will face resistance from the voters, and the same goes for Project Fear’s propaganda machine: Gordon Brewer’s BBC Scotland. The mushrooming of the memberships of both the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Greens over the last few days, with Ed Miliband’s Party descending into utter chaos in the face of the immediate collapse of David Cameron’s commitment to Gordon Brown’s ‘vow’ is the beginning of the end for the Labour Party in Scotland, and for the the British Establishment in Scotland. In the immortal words of Scotland’s first First Minister, Donald Dewar, “I like that.”

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