I choose #the45, and I choose to flush George Osborne into the sewer of history

It's not over till the people sing

It’s not over till the people sing

George Osborne concluded his wretched speech at the Tory Party Conference yesterday with an unapologetic echo of the opening scene of one of the most influential films of the last few decades: Trainspotting. This was not necessarily a great choice from his point of view. Can you imagine Irvine Welsh passing over his being ripped off like this? Me neither. Not after David Cameron just stole democracy in Scotland mere days ago. Can’t imagine the director of this masterpiece, Danny Boyle, is best pleased neither. Sooner or later, they’ll tell the Tory chancellor where he can shove his ‘sincerest form of flattery’.

Furthermore, that film addressed drug addiction. Not the safest thing for George Osborne to make reference to. Not given his being accused as having personally chosen to use class A drugs cocaine being – allegedly – his drug of choice. Does the Tory Party endorse one law for the poor driven to drugs to escape the reality of Tory Britain, and another for spoilt upper-class bully boys like George Osborne, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nick Robinson?

What I will be choosing is democracy. I will not take any lessons on democracy from any of the parties that worked with corrupt Tories at the top of the BBC who worked hand-in-glove with the UK Treasury to illegally manipulate money markets in the hope of scaring Scotland’s voters into their NO Camp.

I choose to work with Scotland’s democratic parties that intend to unite to expose the lies of Ed Miliband, Johann Lamont, Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown, Jim Murphy and Ed Balls.

I choose to reject the CBI glove-puppets who diverted MY license fee into subsidizing Better Together throughout the entire referendum campaign, justifying the threats of the rich and powerful who told voters unless they surrendered their votes to keep deny Scotland our right to elect politicans with the mandate of the people, they will cripple the economy, reducing us to paupers.

I choose to reject all parties whose leaders dragged their MPs like sheep into yet another illegal war, mission-creep, no exit strategy, collateral damage acting as a recruitment sergeant for religious fundamentalist suicide bomber fanatics for generations, money diverted from housing, pensions, NHS, schools, health and safety, decent wages, better working conditions, to pay for more military support for fascist dictators in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, those who funded and armed ISIS in the first place.

I choose to reject George Osborne and all government ministers, and Ed Miliband’s poodles who vote to give emergency powers to conduct surveillance on lawyers and investigative journalists who want to use whistle-blowers to expose the British Establishments use of a pedophile network in, for example, Kincora Boys Home.

I choose democracy and internationalism. I choose #The45. I recommend Scotland’s 45 Movement becomes contagious and send a tsunami of radical democracy across the border, into England. Come join us, my English brothers and sisters. The water’s lovely

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