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Why I signed petition to rerun Scotland’s independence referendum

How does the 45 Movement go from strength to strength? Firstly, nurture the cross-party unity and radical democratic content of the movement. We need this to pry apart the artificial unity of our Better Together opponents. Project Fear has not … Continue reading

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Channel Four News: tabloid ‘journalism’, trial by television, Tories and ghouls

I was deeply upset by the news yesterday when I learned of the death of Brenda Leyland. Don’t mind in the least sharing the fact I shed tears. Many times during the day. Brenda may have had questions to answer; … Continue reading

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Who killed Sweepy?

Who killed Brenda Leyland? If you get your news from SKY or the BBC, then no one is responsible. “No suspicious circumstances,” according to the cops, the same police officers no doubt with a long history of taking bribes from … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid values drove Brenda Leyland to an early grave.

This billionaire uses SKY News to attack vulnerable women. Thanks to corrupt cops who queue up to take bribes from him, this man gets away with phone hacking, with corruption on an industrial scale, with destroying evidence – including shredding … Continue reading

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Why I may contest Douglas Alexander’s seat in next May’s general election

Not for the first time, I tweeted yesterday that I’m considering standing as an independent in next May’s general election. I was surprised to discover that this tweet was being retweeted. For the sake of clarity, I explained that I’m … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch thinks he is above the law? Time for him to wake up.

Please sign my petition to expose the tabloid ‘journalism’ of Rupert Murdoch, driving people to an early death. Fight for a public inquiry into the role of this billionaire foreigner mangling Britain’s democracy and justice system:

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Douglas Alexander and me. His sister. My sister. And the British State. Part 1

Douglas Alexander is my MP. He has just ran a nasty campaign in Scotland, and his boss is very proud of what he’s done. One of the many things Dougie did was bore the audience of debates to tears with … Continue reading

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