Who killed Sweepy?

Does Martin Brunt accept he got this badly wrong?

Does Martin Brunt accept he got this badly wrong?

Who killed Brenda Leyland? If you get your news from SKY or the BBC, then no one is responsible. “No suspicious circumstances,” according to the cops, the same police officers no doubt with a long history of taking bribes from staff at News International. It was just one of those things. The bloody left hand of the BBC washes the bloody right hand of SKY News. Rupert Murdoch will turn a blind eye to Jimmy Savile etc if the ex-Murdoch editor James Harding looks the other way as SKY News gets caught hounding a vulnerable woman into taking her own life. This is truly sick.

If Brenda had committed a crime, as SKY News Martin Brunt insists was the case, then it was up to a jury of her peers to determine what it was, and how serious it was. It was not the business of Martin Brunt or SKY News editors to publicly humiliate her.

Brenda had an absolute right to legal representation if there was a prime facie case against her. Why was none offered? Why was a judge not allowed to weigh up mitigating factors in determining the sentence, if a jury did in fact decide that she had broken the law? Why could a judge and jury not have decided that her motives mattered, or any potential risk to her health, such as has become so tragically apparent to all of us?

Martin Brunt knows that regardless of whether the target of her ‘trolling’ (the McCanns) were innocent people, then at least Brenda’s motives were not altogether bad: her heart was in the right place even if she got this wrong.

Brenda thought she was fighting for justice for a dead child. Was she on to something? I have absolutely no idea. I don’t like jumping to conclusions. I have not seen any evidence, and have no interest in searching for it. Juries need to do that; not self-appointed armchair detectives.

I never participated in the so-called trolling of the McCanns. And I am not justifying those, including Brenda, who have done that. However, let’s assume for the sake of argument that the ‘trolls’ are totally wide of the mark. Why do they think it is okay for them to ‘troll’ the McCanns? They do it precisely because BBC, SKY and Channel4 News – day-in, day-out – invite their viewers to join them in finding certain individuals guilty in advance of any fair trial. They may do this by innuendo, by playing a game of cat and mouse with the legal profession. But they know precisely what they are doing. This is a game right-wing Tories never tire of. That is because it distracts the victims of a rotten system, run by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron, and drags the masses off into total dead ends.

In other words, all these so-called trolls are simply DIY versions of the crime correspondents of all the major news networks in the United Kingdom. You want to know who is guilty of mobilizing the so-called trolling of the McCanns? Rupert Murdoch needs to take a good hard look in the mirror for his answer. Murdoch and his tabloid journalists are the ones to blame for all this internet vigilantism. And they now have the blood of Brenda Leyland on their hands too.

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5 Responses to Who killed Sweepy?

  1. I think you will find Martin Brunt’s career is over. You see, he actually met the woman, went inside for an off camera meeting. He is a family man, not a psycho, he must feel upset that the person who invited him in and decided to give him a chance, then killed herself.
    I think it will be early retirement and years of counselling for him.


  2. Ben Eaton says:

    I don’t believe that. Brunt went from being a McCann doubter to being part of the witchhunt against all McCann doubters. Someone who feels the need to respond to a differing opinion by doorstepping the person and telling them the police are involved is unlikely to be upset about the person’s death. Just look at the media reaction – they are still calling Brenda a troll while simultaneously trying to get her son to talk to them. They don’t have a clue.


  3. Hate when they call brenda a troll because she believes the portugese police got it right and the parents have all the answers


  4. Barry Bucket says:

    The parents don’t, apparently, have answers to those 48 questions that Kate wouldn’t answer.
    They don’t even have an answer to why Kate thought right away that Madeleine had been ‘taken’, when the shutters/window.curtains story has been well and truly scuppered. Even Clarence Mitchell said so.
    Any ‘normal’ parent would have thougth ‘Oooh, the little bugger’s got out’, especially with a door left ‘open’.
    Then again, no ‘normal’ parent would have left 3 kids unattended for hours every night while they enjoyed ‘their’ holiday.
    I must be a ‘troll’.


  5. Barry Bucket says:

    Apologies for the typos…


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