Channel Four News: tabloid ‘journalism’, trial by television, Tories and ghouls

Jon Snow, Jane Deith and Matt Frei of Channel Four News

Jon Snow, Jane Deith and Matt Frei of Channel Four News

I was deeply upset by the news yesterday when I learned of the death of Brenda Leyland. Don’t mind in the least sharing the fact I shed tears. Many times during the day.

Brenda may have had questions to answer; the jury’s still out on that one. But she died an innocent woman. And we all know by now that she was a vulnerable woman, one whose mental state was ignored by police officers who ludicrously outsourced questioning to Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News, probably the same officers who have been bought and sold by News International for decades. And all these criminals went on to hound Brenda Leyland to an early grave.

Adding insult to injury (more accurately, not injury, but not murder neither: manslaughter?), not only does SKY News insist they did nothing wrong; BBC and Channel Four News editors are defending Martin Brunt’s behavior, and implicitly that of SKY News editors.

The almost appropriately-named Jane Deith of Channel Four News introduced her hatchet job of this poor woman by implying that she only got what she deserved. Friends, family, her entire community, and those of us who never met her and know next to nothing about her, but know she did not deserve this… We are grieving. And Channel Four News editor allows Jane Deith to pollute the airwaves with this nasty defense of Rupert Murdoch’s trial-by-television?

Channel Four News editor thinks he can get away with this rubbish because he can’t be sued by Brenda Leyland. And her family can’t sue Jane Deith for her insults. However, when people have had time to grieve, anger will fuel their passion. Those responsible will pay a price. Martin Brunt must know this.

Martin Brunt has always struck me as intelligent and a decent, humane individual, much more so than than most of his colleagues in the broadcasting industry. I don’t think he will be able to pretend he bears no responsibility for Brenda Leyland’s death. I am sure he will already feel guilty without my having to explain to him why he should do this. I think he will want to get this off his conscience. I think he will want to help society ensure there are no more incidents like this ever again.

Unfortunately for Martin Brunt, if he speaks out and accepts his personal responsibility, he will necessarily take others down with him – including the editor of SKY News for letting this garbage be aired. And anyone at the station who broke the law with police officers – a problem endemic inside every organization touched by Rupert Murdoch – they will face criminal charges, sooner or later.

Martin Brunt cannot move on with the rest of his life until he takes decisions that will lead to a massive headache for Rupert Murdoch, for his editor, and for all shareholders of SKY News. But if he is a decent man, someone who wants to be able to look himself in the mirror, someone able to have a good nights sleep ever again, then he will speak out. The sooner the better, for everyone’s sake.

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One Response to Channel Four News: tabloid ‘journalism’, trial by television, Tories and ghouls

  1. I would be grateful if you could somehow place this poll on your website that I started a week ago to demonstrate how many people thought in the same way as Brenda Leyland did. I intend to run it for one month.

    Many thanks
    Tina Reeves


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