Why I signed petition to rerun Scotland’s independence referendum


How does the 45 Movement go from strength to strength? Firstly, nurture the cross-party unity and radical democratic content of the movement. We need this to pry apart the artificial unity of our Better Together opponents.

Project Fear has not packed up. Neither shall we. But the Lib Dems, Tories, Labour and UKIP will fight each other to a stand-still at the general election next May, splitting their vote, with internal divisions further rendering each and every one of these parties to a significant extent impotent in the face of a justifiably hostile electorate. YES Scotland doesn’t have to do that.

Scotland’s 45 Movement can, at least to some extent, continue to park our differences – on the Monarchy, currency, NATO, corporation tax and a lot more. This unity will come under strain. We all know that, and are prepared for it. But we need to address our differences, contain them as best we can. We need to at least try to negotiate a workable electoral non-aggression pact, one that takes account of the relative strengths of the component parts of the movement.

Nicola Sturgeon’s credentials is not in doubt. Not after how she conducted herself during the referendum, with a very attractive double act with the Greens Patrick Harvie. At Westminster, the SNP group needs to unite with Caroline Lucas MP, and with other MPs and would-be MPs to promoting investment in welfare, not warfare, uniting on a set of constitutional changes that reinforces democracy or everyone: proportional representation, no unelected second chamber, ending the Royal Prerogative, Prime Ministerial patronage, reciprocity when it comes to devolution, which will inevitably be resisted by Labour MPs, even though this is unlikely to help them as they’ve committed political suicide in Scotland.

Everything the 45 Movement can do to inflict propaganda – or any other – defeats on the anti-democratic Unionist parties should be seized on with both hands. As part of this process, petitions can play a part.

While I remain to be convinced of all of the arguments behind this particular petition, so long as it’s the only game in town, I will sign it. Anything that keeps the issue of Scottish independence in the fore of the political agenda is worth considering.

Even if Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of the Scottish government don’t think the case has been made for a recount, such a petition strengthens the hands of the 45 Movement. It does this by exposing the idiocy of those Tory propagandists who pretend the strength of feeling for keeping the momentum for independence going comes down to Nicola Sturgeon’s personal stubbornness. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The 45 Movement refuses to surrender because we know in our heart of hearts, if not in every case with complete understanding of what went on here, that Scotland’s referendum was anti-democratic in so many ways. Whether they included the physical stuffing of ballot boxes, or the theft of legitimate ballots, is neither here nor there. One day soon, the majority of Scotland’s voters will demand independence. With decent strategy and tactics, that day will not be very far off.

If you want to sign this petition, you’ll find it by clicking this link: https://www.change.org/p/nicola-sturgeon-we-the-undersigned-demand-a-revote-of-the-scottish-referendum-counted-by-impartial-international-parties

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