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You can fool some Scotland voters some of the time, but Michael Portillo’s an idiot.

Andrew Neil was joined on this week’s This Week by Michael Portillo to shoot a series of spectacular own goals, further exacerbating the implosion of all Unionist parties north of the border. Self-inflicted goals reminding us just how out of … Continue reading

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My #Nanowrimo Novel based on true events: Violet crept through Labour pains

Mobile rings. “Hi!” I say. “Where are you? Paisley?” “I’m outside your flat.” “What color’s your car?” “Red.” “You parked to my left or right?… Can you see my window? I’m on the top floor. I’m drawing the curtain now. … Continue reading

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#The45 plus needs a new Twibbon. #The58?

We are part of Scotland’s 58 percent. We are that part of Scotland’s electorate that demands a second independence referendum within five years. We include, probably, the overwhelming majority of the 45 percent who voted YES on 18th of September. … Continue reading

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