#The45 plus needs a new Twibbon. #The58?


We are part of Scotland’s 58 percent. We are that part of Scotland’s electorate that demands a second independence referendum within five years.

We include, probably, the overwhelming majority of the 45 percent who voted YES on 18th of September. We also, clearly, top that figure up with many others who were promised Devomax or ‘as close to Federalism as it’s possible to get’.

The implosion of Ed Miliband’s ludicrously-named Labour Party (with one poll leading to the loss of 90 percent of their MPs in Scotland!) exposes the insanity of the NO campaign’s pretense that relying on England to elect a Labour government will solve all our problems, which was always the most idiotic idea imaginable.

The three stooges – David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband – lied to win the referendum, relying in significant part on BBC Scotland’s diversion of public funds, via the license fee, to the anti-democratic Confederation of British Industry, always a key pillar of ‘Better Together’.

The BBC (both sides of the border), SKY News, Channel4 News and ITV all lied about Scotland needing to vote NO to hold onto membership of the European Union when they knew the reality was the opposite was almost certainly the case. Now that is becoming increasingly obvious as the days go by, a second independence referendum is more than just legitimate; it’s absolutely indispensable under almost every circumstance.

We know the British Establishment, including their mass media megaphones in all the broadcast networks lied about the collapse of OIL reserves, a fact they fessed up to almost as soon as the polls closed, so contemptuous are they of the voters intelligence and ability to follow the news.

The notorious ‘Vow’ is merely the cherry on top of a sewer of anti-democratic shenanigans cobbled together by a British Establishment whose sole motivation was to mangle Scotland’s democracy.

Voters need to express our opposition to all this. Already, within weeks, 58% of Scotland wants a second referendum. This is probably not merely in defiance of 100% of the broadcast media whose behavior is nothing less than a scandal, an assault on common decency, but in significant part in direct reaction to this, authoritarianism that has proved totally counterproductive.

Scotland needs to elect, under a genuinely democratic system (something we will not find in the United Kingdom’s monstrously anti-democratic first-past-the-post) a government at Holyrood with a mandate to re-enfranchise the voters. The same voters who are told to drop dead by the BBC, SKY, Channel4 News and ITV at next May’s General Election are angry, and without releasing the pressure valve of this pressure cooker society, mass civil disobedience is inevitable, justifiable, absolutely progressive.

If Ed Miliband’s Labour Party wants to stand, yet again, alongside the Tories and the CBI glove puppets of the outrageously right-wing BBC Scotland next May, then good luck to them.

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