Nicola Sturgeon will #KickCameronOut. Will Ed Miliband?

A big bag of Tory bastards

A big bag of Tory bastards

The SNP MP group will vote as a block to topple any Tory Prime Minister. Whether or not he ‘wins’ more MPs than any other party. Why won’t Ed Miliband match that promise? Who exactly are David Cameron’s little helpers?

The British Prime Minister has the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News and ITV all in his back pocket. Ofcom bosses don’t have a problem with that? Either they are asleep at the wheel or they’re hiding something more than a little bit dodgy.

First-past-the-post is designed to squeeze all life and hope out of Britain’s general election: “Vote for the candidate you hate least – or the one you don’t hate most who might possibly be electable – or suffer the consequences.” Is that really all the Scots or anyone else deserves?

The only two candidates for Prime Minister this time round deny voters any choice on any of the issues that matter most to me and I dare so to most on the left, those Ed Miliband’s father fought for.

Furthermore, both Cameron and Miliband take great pride in arguing that even if 100% of Scotland’s MPs are elected under the SNP’s banner, not one of their votes are to be considered as anything other than utterly toxic, and an excuse for the English to get angry at us for daring to ask for our democratic rights.

What Scotland is witnessing, and making us increasingly and perfectly legitimately angry, is an attitude of barely disguised ethnic contempt. Foreign affairs and defense are, apparently, too important for Labour or Conservative politicians to allow those living in Scotland to have a say, the same say as other voters in the United Kindgom?

Most tax and spend issues are no go areas for the Scots, with Full Fiscal Autonomy ruled out a priori regardless of how Thatcherite the government gets. This is what Ed Miliband and David Cameron’s Vow was sold to Scots to explain why we didn’t need to vote for national self-determination?.

The best of both worlds is what the Scottish people were promised in return for a NO vote in last year’s referenum. What we are getting is vile anti-Scottish bigotry. And these vile smears are being broadcast into our homes on a daily basis, 24-7. The Unionists responsible appear to be too lacking in self-awareness to realize it is they themselves who are the root cause of the spectacular growth of the SNP. It is not exclusively due to these Unionist broadcaster, and their politicians. But they are definitely one massive contributory factor in this cultural revolution were are witnessing north of the border. Utterly predictable – unless, that is, you are a narrow-minded anti-Scottish bigot.

Let’s look beyond the Scottish situation. Nicola Sturgeon needs allies in England and Wales. She will find it easier to find them than Ed Miliband or David Cameron can when she next appears at one of the leaders debate.

Until very recently, the British Establishment expected to get what they want, but voters are not playing ball. All indications are that two thirds of voters will reject Ed Miliband; two thirds rejecting his rival. Why should either of these overblown clowns, each utterly contemptuous of voters’ wants and needs, lay claim to any kind of ‘mandate’ when every genuine alternative has been crushed out of existence by a disgusting electoral system and by a biased mass media controlled the richest and most powerful people in British society? Your big society is broken, Mr Cameron. And the people are queuing up to put together something a little bit more interesting.

Ed Miliband is – let’s not beat about the bush here – an albatross around the neck of the Movement to Kick Cameron Out. Nevertheless, he is not an insurmountable obstacle. At any rate, let’s hope even he can’t screw this up.

On Thursday, Nicola Sturgeon – and another two leaders of parties to the left of Ed Miliband’s ultra-uninspiring Labour Party front bench – has a chance to address voters, not just in Scotland, but right across the United Kingdom. This is a real chance for democratic forces. It is one we must all seize with both hands.

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