Why England’s left must unite against David Cameron’s 37% dictatorship? By-elections?


The entire left from across the parties need to do more than laugh at Ed Miliband’s MPs and their problems. The trade union link matters. So does the nightmare of first-past-the-post.

The latter is exploited by the British Establishment’s out-of-control mass media. What conclusions must be drawn?

The left across our ghettos must engage with every debate that takes place amongst all our ‘competing’ groups. The left has to immediately prepare for a rising unpopularity of David Cameron’s government: TUSC, Left Unity, the Greens in England – as well as the Labour left (hopelessly weak though it is) – needs to start talking with Labour’s affiliated trade unionists and all those other members of the organized working class. And we need to talk to other sections of the extra-parliamentary struggle: race, war, students, pensioners, the disabled. Everyone.

The anti-sectarian left has to do whatever we can to ensure we unite around a single agreed candidate of the left, one that is genuinely anti-Tory. In Scotland everyone now sees what that can give us: one hell of a nightmare for David Cameron and all the Tory bastards who pollute the airwaves from the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News and ITV. Let’s talk. And let’s be patient with one another.

Let’s extend olive branches, accept the right of others not to be persuaded with what we say, at least not the first time they hear what is on our minds.

The left in England needs to rebuild a culture of tolerance towards each other while still being able to unite against our common enemy. Our enemy is more than just David Cameron and his rotten MPs. It is also all the propagandists who want the 63% who voted against this shambles of reaction to tolerate David Cameron’s dictatorship based on 37%. That 37% so-called majority was won under a crap electoral system, with the entire mass media behind him, and quite possibly the above-the-law elements of MI5, Special Branch and GCHQ.

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One Response to Why England’s left must unite against David Cameron’s 37% dictatorship? By-elections?

  1. mkeenan88 says:

    Most people tend to agree, that first past the post is out of date and needs to go….
    What’s your thoughts on an alternative?
    If we changed to PR for example…. It may give people outside of Scotland the chance to vote SNP. If they agree with the SNPs message that is…..
    In my opinion, a PR system would block out the white noise of the media and being a much needed focus back onto policy.
    UKIP gained 3 million votes and got 1 seat last week.
    SNP got 1.4 million and gained 56.
    So under FPTP, the SNP have massivy benefited….
    What’s your thoughts on that?


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