Prosecute Alistair Carmichael for corrupting the general election.


I think what this government minister did was more than ‘just’ stealing his own seat: this lie was peddled systematically by the Labour’s Party’s Chair of General Election Strategy – Douglas Alexander, who was at the time my constituency Member of Parliament.

Douglas Alexander tweeted three links to this obvious fabrication within minutes, leading to Ed Miliband referring to the lie as ‘damning revelations’, even after it has been comprehensively exposed by James Cook as a third party account of a conversation that has been denied by both parties involved in the so-called conversation.

Ed Miliband’s bizarre peddling of what had already been exposed as a fabrication was in turn used to justify Labour’s refusal to form any kind of progressive alliance with the anti-Tory Scottish National Party’s MPs to democratically lock David Cameron out of 10 Downing Street.

This fabrication became popular due to Ed Miliband’s cavalier refusal to check the facts already in the public arena, and Douglas Alexander’s deliberate attempt to mislead his alleged preference for Prime Minister. Alistair Carmichael’s collusion was denied at the time. The then Secretary of State for Scotland knew what he was doing had more than local consequences.

Alistair Carmichael knowingly contributed to the implosion of Labour Party’s vote in England as well as in Scotland. And that in turn helped him crowbar David Cameron back into 10 Downing Street. And that is why I believe this one-time government minister deserves to be prosecuted for corrupting the outcome of the general election.

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