Don’t voters deserve at least one party that’s not in the pocket of Rona Fairhead’s HSBC?

Four shades of capitalist bullshit was on offer. Time for a new menu?

Four  flavors of capitalist bullshit was on the menu. Time for something else?

Let everybody expose the right-wing liars at the BBC who say Jeremy Corbyn is taking us back to the bad old days. What Jeremy is doing is fighting to give voters an alternative. The kind of alternative that was stolen from our ballot paper when Tony Blair ripped up Clause Four.

Never let it be forgotten that The Labour Party was set up in the first place to give a voice to those of us with nothing to lose but our chains: And that is now, as it always has been, the overwhelming majority.

There are lying Tory idiots who pollute the BBC. For the sake of the hard of thinking, I’m not placing all NUJ members into that category: there are many wonderful exceptions who successfully defeat their Tory editors, and bureaucrats. They do this at least to some extent, at least some of the time, although they clearly have a very precarious existence, subject to contracts not being renewed.

Rona Fairhead siphons off OUR license fee, and does so to prop up the anti-democratic Confederation of British Industry, an organization committed to the disgusting belief that the more money you have the more votes you should feel free to buy. That is the essence of Margaret Thatcher’s property-owning ‘democracy’, her shareholders ‘democracy’.

Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News and Andrew Neil are as proud today as they have ever been of crushing organized workers in order to maximize the rate of exploitation for the money men, working with General Pinochet’s pal, the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Trade unions are radically democratic organizations. They represent the most basic tools of a class of the exploited to resist. They don’t put an end to, but certainly do limit, the rate of exploitation. And that has always proven more than enough to royally piss off Liberals.

The Liberal Party’s rejection of trade unions forced the latter to set up a party of their own. But that trade union party has been stolen from us by gangs of Yuppie Entryists lead by a corrupt war criminal by the name of Tony Blair: you may have heard of him.

The Labour Party that was created by trade unionists is one that Liz Kendall wants to enlist as part of her self-aggrandizing project, keeping it as a fig-leaf for capitalist exploitation. Labour’s golden days were never as great as the myth suggests. However, Labour has, even in theory, been a pro-capitalist party from the day Tony Blair ripped up Clause Four. Andrew Neil knows that. He is paid to keep the significance of that truth buried as far away from the popular imagination as he can. And 90% of Labour MPs want voters kept in the dark. And some of them find it impossible to restrain their contempt for a real socialist in their midst. John Mann is the most vocal of this Blairite tendency.

It was pretty right-wing ‘intellectuals’ by the way – The Webbs – who introduced Clause Four. They cynically drew up this draft not because they personally had shifted leftwards. They did it as a means of undermining the rising popularity of the revolution movements that was sweeping the continent at the end of World War I.

The Fabians drew up Clause Four to stop Britain going down the road of revolution, to stopping the growth of the Communist Party that was sympathetic towards the Russian Revolution. If capitalist exploitation could end by winning a parliamentary majority, as Karl Marx himself had argued, then why on Earth not opt for that? An excellent question that has been answered more than once, with tragic consequences, including by Margaret Thatcher’s chum, the butcher of Chile: General Pinochet.

Andrew Neil ‘forgets’ that capitalism is an exploitative system, dripping from head to toe in blood. Money begets money, and capitalists would sell their grandmother if the rate of profit was large enough. They’ve sold their souls to the Devil. Good luck to those evil bastards.

Capitalists are parasites. They are so because we are talking about unearned income. And unearned income has not been earned. It rests upon wage slavery. And Andrew Neil seems unaware that radical redistributive taxation involves more than income tax. We are talking about wealth taxes. And we are talking about nationalization on terms favorable to the majority. That, after all is what democracy means: people rule.

Bowing down before the profiteers is what most Labour MPs are all about these days. This has corrupted them. It has reduced any effectiveness they used to have – once upon a time. Blairites are very stupid people. They don’t even appreciate that  cheer-leading the CBI’s threat of mass redundancies if Scotland didn’t surrender to their blackmail lead to their implosion north of the border. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to put that Humpty Dumpty back together again: Scottish Labour is dead, and absolutely no one mourns its passing.

Andrew Neil is blinded by pro-capitalist blinkers. There is precious little the left can do to save him. Rational debate is incapable of doing that because it is in his own narrow self-interest to hide from that key aspect of the truth, to hide it from himself as much as from most of the rest of us. However, there is more than one type of capitalist supporter.

Most of us have life experience that open our minds to something new. This point was comes from Marx and Engels, from the time before they wrote The Communist Manifesto. These ideas have inspired all the great Marxists. They have been best theorized at length by Antonio Gramsci and by Giorgi Lukacs.

Experience is always pushing against the ‘common sense’ vomited out 24-7 by the propaganda machines of Rona Fairhead and Rupert Murdoch. GCHQ and the CBI tell broadcasters, via their editors, what they have to say; or the gist of it at least, the limitations within which they must work.

On the whole, the capitalists get what they want. Journalists who aren’t happy feel intimidated, scared of being sacked, of being blackmailed, possibly framed, smeared, then blacklisted if they act as whistle-blowers to investigate their own bosses, their editors, and colleagues who do what is expected of them.

The left can disagree about many things, but not about the direction of travel, nor about our need to clarify our ideas through democratic debate, uniting to get our message across to the majority, and to then lead that majority towards its own self-liberation, doing so against the forces of darkness that are at the heart of the British Establishment. Supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to give voice to all the oppressed at every Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions is a key part of that process. Let’s all unite. And let’s be clear that expecting fairness from Andrew Neil isn’t going to get us very far.

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